Who Are The Travelers Within?

We are Life Traveler’s of a unique kind.  For us there are two mediums of exploration; the outer world and the inner world, as we find the nexus place between them to be where Life comes fully to life.  We’re not metaphysical per say, nor are we religious, yet we maintain a reverence for life and strive to be understanding and compassionate.  While we have faith, we do not endorse any one faith in particular.

We are not ex-patriots, pacifists, extremists, socialists, altruists, conformists, or activists and yet we choose to live in peace, with the freedom to be and with a desire to influence the world in positive ways and we enjoy collaborating and working together.  We love Life, honor Nature, revere Humanity, and we aspire to do all we can to make a positive difference in the lives of all our fellow travelers.

While some of us are teachers, all of us are students in that we find teaching and learning to be a sacred exchange.  We stay out of each other’s businesses and lives and rather than telling one another how to live, we honor one another’s choices and actions.  We harbor no hatred towards ourselves or others and we hold no mission to right the wrongs of humanity, nor do we believe we can solve the problems of the world.

We do not feel entitled to anything, we choose not to live beyond our means and while we are not motivated by money, status or power we enjoy art, culture and living a good life.  We are not purists although we prefer cleanliness, health and vitality and we embrace nutrition and all forms of physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.  We do not strive to be perfect but excellence is something we aspire to and rather than attaching our identities to what we do or what we have, we prefer to be known simply for who we.  We value humility over pride and authenticity over pretense and our commitment is more to growing and flourishing than to being right or protecting our egos.

“It is not length of life, but depth of life.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

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