The Mayan civilization, (along with all the tribes of past Mesoamerican civilizations) knew that the Cosmos and the Self were interconnected within a unified and sacred whole.  Every stone in their pyramids and upon their sacred sites resonates with the paradoxical truth and reality of “As Above, So Below – As Within, So Without.”  This profound wisdom which is embodied within the Tzolkin Calendar and its 260 “Daily Kins” contains the energy, presence and insight to transform lives.  It has done so for eons and will continue to do so for those who engage with its universal power.

Are you ready to embrace the wisdom of the ancient Maya?  If so, click on the Tzolkin Calendar image to the left and fill out a simple request form and let us know why you are inspired to participate.  Blessings to you!

Your guide into the ancient wisdom of the Maya is author, expedition host and presenter, Val Jon Farris. (Watch his videos to experience Val Jon’s engaging way of sharing about the Mayan civilization.  For access to his entire collection of on-location videos about the wisdom of the ancients, click here.)  


What Is “The Stones of Truth?”

The Stones of Truth is a three-part life enhancement series facilitated by Val Jon Farris.  This illuminating journey into one’s extraordinary human and spiritual nature. The three parts of  series include the “Self-Mapping” session, the “Soul-Seeing” session and the “Life-Aligning” Tzolkin Wisdom subscription featured above.  To learn more about The Stones of Truth Series, click on the stones image to the left.