Hello to everyone. I want to update you on how I’m doing and on the status of our TWS website. Life is extraordinary in terms of its ability to bring a full range of experience to its “travelers.” Early this year, I nearly died from COVID and lost a few friends and associates to the same fate. It was a humbling experience and took me six months to fully recover. I did very little writing or program delivery during my recovery period but did manage to stay focused on some global initiatives having to do with raising the self-awareness levels of influential leaders. I’m still living in beautiful San Miguel de Allende, Mexico and very much enjoying a tranquil life. 🙂

As for travelerswithin.com . . . I’ve removed all the membership services tech I put in place two years ago because very few people were using it. All the articles. links and supportive materials remain available to you all and I will keep using the blog going forward. And finally, the retreat center has encountered a few setbacks. I’d be happy to share the details with those of you who have been involved in its development over the last 2 years. One thing I have learned in my life travels is never to believe that something is a sure thing. Spirit very often will deliver us to unexpected destinations and to surrender to her pathways is probably the wisest option. 😉

Many blessings to you, and you know how to reach me via email so please reach out and share with me about your life-travels. My love and care to each of you all-ways! ~ Val Jon