“Most people are not ready to be unplugged. Many are so inert, so hopelessly dependent on the system that they will fight to protect it.” – Morpheus

Being “inert” is a paralyzing combination of dependency, apathy, and denial. It’s a kind of self-induced comatose in which we lose touch with who we are and with what is happening around us. Slowly, and without our awareness, we become seduced by an alternate version of reality we believe will make our lives easier, better, and more fulfilling.

There is nothing wrong with losing ourselves in the folly of our imaginations or indulging in occasional fabricated adventures and virtual scenarios. These are healthy distractions that help us cope with the stress or boredom of our everyday lives. The problem comes in when someone else is in charge of our fabrications; external forces that clearly do not have our best interests in mind.

In this article, I’m going to expose the Metaverse for what it actually is, an all-encompassing matrix of domination designed to take control of the human race and our planet’s resources. Orchestrated by the same elite cadre’ of billionaire families behind the “New World Order,” the Metaverse is the means by which they are achieving their agenda. Implementing a global infrastructure capable of enslaving humanity and exploiting the Earth requires an astronomical amount of capital, which is no problem for the entities involved. The “Big Three” institutions, Blackrock, Vanguard, and State Street have a combined net worth of over $22 trillion, more than enough to accomplish their goal.

These three institutional conglomerates, along with a handful of others, already possess a global monopoly that includes all the world’s banks and financial institutions, (plus the Federal Reserve and IRS) all the mainstream media outlets, internet infrastructures, social media platforms, medical establishments, pharmaceutical companies, power generation sources and utilities, the lion’s share of the world’s consumer goods and food production, and every department within our government, including its regulatory agencies, legal systems, and military infrastructures. (If you haven’t watched the video, “Monopoly: Who Owns The World,” I suggest you check it out as it’s a well-researched and sobering wakeup call: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gaHQIiprUX4)

While the term “Metaverse” was only recently introduced, its underlying intent has existed for decades, well before the formulation of the Declaration of Independence and even before its European precursor, the Magna Carta. Reigning over the masses for the personal gain of a few is an age-old affliction; one that has plagued humanity for as long as civilizations have existed. Royal bloodlines down through the ages have perpetuated their wealth and expanded their control by employing strategies of mass deception, misdirection, and manipulation. While modern-day breakthroughs in science, medicine, and technology appear to be departures from the elite agenda, in truth, they are bought and paid for by the wealthy and serve only the wealthy.

You might wonder why “we the people” would repeatedly submit ourselves to such exploitations. At some point wouldn’t we wise up and no longer be willing to be slaves for the wealthy? The answer is obviously “No.” Morpheus was right about people being inert and hopelessly dependent. To understand how this kind of debilitating human lethargy comes about, one must examine the methodologies used to accomplish it. The obvious tactics are “dividing and conquering,” using fear, propaganda, and economic manipulation to shape behaviors, and resorting to brute force if these softer ploys fail. But there is another more subtle ploy taking place that most people are totally unaware of; a highly sophisticated tactic of gradual behavior modification that works in concert with those that are obvious.

Let me give you an example of what I mean. Take a look at the title graphic I used for this article. Barcodes were introduced in 1974 when products were first scanned in supermarkets. Nothing about this technology points to sinister motives, but the next technological iteration reveals a subtle migration toward something alarming. In 1994, QR codes were introduced with the idea that the new scanning technology would reduce errors and speed up the processing time. While true, it also accomplished something else, something that unless you are paying attention will slip right by you. While a QR’s cube-like myriad of dots and dashes makes it less prone to scanning errors, it is also a portrait-perfect medium for training AI algorithms to recognize the unique details of the human face. And the fact that cell phone cameras are the means by which QR codes are scanned and transmitted, it begs the question about a soon-to-arrive mandatory facial identity verification protocol.

While many people will accept facial recognition as an added security measure to protect their identity, personal data, and assets as they engage with the Metaverse, this is a grand deception. Just as the raised numbers on our credit and debit cards have been subtly replaced with RFID chips that can be monitored and programmed at will by banks, within a few years we will be required to submit to facial recognition if we want to gain access to our bank accounts, medical services, online purchases, and all other vital data we have stored online. And with the millions of surveillance cameras already installed in public places tracking our every move, (currently 15 cameras per 100 people in the USA) these “added security measures” will act as gatekeeping and tracking networks for access to public establishments such as shopping malls, restaurants, medical facilities, and perhaps most disturbing, all venues of public transportation and travel. As I write this article, facial recognition is being tested at sixteen major USA airports with full implementation at all airports as early as 2024. (TSA official source info link: https://www.govtech.com/products/tsa-continues-facial-recognition-rollout-at-airports)

But much like the public’s inert attitude about blindly believing mainstream COVID prevention propaganda and submitting themselves to an endless series of ineffective (and genetic altering) vaccines, many people have resigned themselves to their identity and personal data being compromised on the internet. As of today over 20 million people have knowingly traded their digital privacy for a cool artistic AI avatar face . . . one that uses facial recognition software to produce its images.

Facial recognition, surveillance cameras, RFID chips, audio, and GPS eavesdropping devices built into our phones, and the now the wave of highly promoted virtual reality headsets and smart glasses are all designed to gather and deliver our personal data to the Metaverse’s massive AI database facilities, where it gets compiled into detailed profiles that document every aspect of our daily lives, vulnerable data that you can bet will be used for far more than optimizing advertising campaigns to fit our personal preferences.

The last point I want to make is that all the hype and propaganda surrounding the Metaverse’s amazing virtual reality platform is designed to desensitize us to the natural reality we were born into, the real reality that has served as the organic wellspring of our aliveness, joy, and well-being for as long as we have existed. For as revolutionary as virtual reality might seem on the surface, at its core, it’s nothing but a matrix of misdirection, lifeless 1’s and 0’s combined in ways to mimic real life. What better way for the elite to accomplish their narcissistic goal than to use the age-old strategy of misdirection, the basis for how magic fools people into believing what isn’t true. But unlike a magic show that entertains us, the Metaverse is a misdirection of the most ominous kind. While we jump through a myriad of virtual hoops, expand our digital wardrobes, and (g)oogle over cool facial avatars, our real lives and the planet that sustains all of life will be exploited to the point of not only being inert, but being as lifeless as the matrix of empty illusions we allowed to enslave us. ~


Val Jon Farris is an award-winning author and leadership consultant to Fortune 100 companies around the world. For over thirty years he has championed large-scale workforce transformations as well as conducted personal growth programs to over forty thousand people. Val Jon is well-known for his warm anecdotal style and deep insight into personal sovereignty, freedom, and higher consciousness. His second book, Travelers Within: Journeys Into Being Human And Beyond is available at: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07XF7WJMV
He can also be reached at www.travelerswithin.com and by email at valjonfarris@gmail.com