Sacred Time Retreat Outline (5-Day San Miguel Experience)

Day One Morning:

Breakfast, introductions, participant meet and greet. Overview and retreat purpose. Individual sharing of process, intentions and goals. What is “Sacred Time” discussion.


Lunch, sharing and pairing process. Tribal grounds excursion orientation. Group excursion: El Charco del Ingenio. “Ceremony of the Four Directions.” Return to retreat center, group sharing.


Personal reflection time and journal work. Group dinner, sharing and insights. Facilitated session: “Mitote Dream Time.”  Instructions for dream travel and documentation. Free time.

Day Two Morning:

Yoga session (optional but recommended). Breakfast, group sharing. Facilitated session: Introduction the “Stones of Truth.” One-on-one “Stones” facilitation with group observation.


Group lunch, sharing and deepen “Stones” work. Continue “Stones” facilitation with group observation. Short break, rooftop movement exercise. Continue “Stones” facilitation.


“Stones” work completion and sharing. Preparation to explore San Miguel. Night out on the town (including dinner). Free time for participants.

Day Three Morning:

Yoga session (optional but recommended). Breakfast, sharing and insights. “Stones of Truth” completion. Participant declarations and action plans.


Excursion into town for colonial “comida” lunch. Facilitated session: “Living Into clean energy and clear space.” Meditation, self-reflection, personal journal time.


Group dinner, sharing experiences and insights. Facilitation session: “Integration within” (mirror work). Completion and advanced dream time set up.

Day Four Morning:

Yoga session (optional but recommended). Breakfast, sharing and insights. Orientation for excursion. Excursion to Cañada de la Virgen Pyramids.


Lunch and sharing at the pyramids. “13 Worlds Ceremony.” Group sharing and insights. Return to retreat for personal reflection time.


Group dinner, sharing of experiences and insights. Free time to explore San Miguel de Allende.

Day Five Morning:

Yoga session (optional but recommended). Breakfast, sharing, insights and applications. Facilitated session: “Navigating the inner and outer world.” Sharing key experiences.


Group lunch, sharing and insights. Personal reflection time and journal work. Integration of all learnings, Preparation for evening town exploration.


Group dinner celebration and completion, sharing and insights. Personal time and individual sessions with facilitator. Prepare to check out following morning.

Hello to you.  I’m Val Jon Farris, your retreat facilitator.  Since I write my own bios I’ll do it in first person.  I have dedicated over 30 years of my life to exploring and charting the terrain between what I call the nexus between the outer world and inner world.  I’ve hosted many expeditions to extraordinary destinations on Earth and from what I’m told by those I host is that I’m a trusted guide and mentor.

I took my vows of Bodhisattva at the age of 18 and soon after had the great fortune to personally learn the ways of stewardship and deep life contribution from extraordinary human beings such as Buckminster Fuller, Swami Muktananda, Sathya Sai Baba and Zen Master, Roshi Mumon Yamada.  These rare encounters set in motion a future path for me as a dedicated facilitator of deep self-development work and spiritual maturation.  Click here to see one of my expeditions to the Yucatan Peninsula where I share some of the wisdom of the ancient Mayan civilization.

In addition to my role as a retreat facilitator, I am also the CEO of Diamius Multinational, an international leadership development firm. Over the last 25 years I’ve had the privilege of championing enterprise-level programs for Fortune 50’s in the U.S.A, Canada, Europe, Latin America, Asia and India.  My company’s clients include Hewlett-Packard Company, Agilent Technologies, Intel, Yahoo, Intuit, Pacific Telesis and many others.  My area of expertise is in C-Suite Executive Mentoring and designing and delivering large-scale workforce initiatives that foster leadership greatness, superlative character and peak performance. I ‘ a business development mentor for Richard Branson’s XTC Academy and a recipient of numerous global industry leadership development awards. I love writing and contribute to many publications including the Huffington Post.

“World Class Adviser” – Sir Richard Branson 

Sacred Time Retreat Investment

The five-day Sacred Time Retreat investment for individual VIP guests is $8,500 per person or $15,000 per couple.  These fees includes all registration and pre-retreat assessment materials, program curriculum, facilitation and workshops sessions, one-on-one guidance, yoga and meditation sessions and instruction, all planned excursions and tour guidance, breakfast, lunch and dinner each day, as well as accommodations at our retreat facility.  What is not included is transportation, massage and body work, staff tips and incidentals.

Travel & Logistical Information

Located 165 miles Northeast of Mexico City, San Miguel de Allende is just a 3 ½ hour flight from Los Angeles with an additional 90 minute limousine ride to arrive at our grand villa.  At just under 5 hours there is no other world class international retreat destination that is easier to travel to and from.  Lodging for our guests will either be arranged at our villa or within steps of it at one of our partner boutique hotels.  Contact us for more information about accommodation details and reservations.

Our Next Sacred Time Retreat

Our next group format 5-day Sacred Time Retreat will be held in the 2nd quarter of 2021 in San Miguel de Allende (dates TBD).  (Check-in is by 10:00 PM Wednesday, February 24th and check-out is by 11:00 AM Tuesday, March 1st.)  Airline booking should be made to Leon, Mexico, (three hours South of Los Angeles). Plan arrival and departure times in the early afternoon.  (Travel time from Leon to San Miguel is an hour and 30 minutes.) To register for our upcoming retreat or for more information, email Val Jon directly at

Retreat Accommodations

Our 6,500 square foot retreat center overlooks the colonial town of San Miguel de Allende. It has large meeting spaces, indoor dining and outdoor patios, yoga and meditation areas, a spectacular rooftop deck, a fully equipped gourmet kitchen and comfortable and safe overnight accommodations for up to nine guests. (Bedrooms are assigned based on first registered.  All rooms are single occupancy during COVID.)  Our dedicated staff provide maid service, all meals, local transportation and personal attention for our guests. Click here to learn more about our Retreat Center.