Three-Day “Sacred Time” Excursion Hosted By Val Jon Farris

Join your retreat host and expedition guide, Val Jon Farris along with a small group of adventuresome travelers as we explore some of Mexico’s most sacred sites in and around the beautiful town of San Miguel de Allende, (one of Conde Nast’s top-rated UNESCO World Heritage destinations).  

To celebrate the opening of our Axis Mundi Retreat Center in early 2021, Val Jon will host a very special Three-Day Sacred Time Excursion. (“Sacred Time” is an extraordinary departure from normal time. To grasp it, recall experiencing a timeless moment in which you both lost yourself and found yourself, in an extended moment of bliss. Now imagine being able to call forth that experience at will.)

Our time away from time together will be comprised of an artfully woven tapestry of Recreation, Reflection, and Rejuvenation. Here is the planned itinerary day by day:

Day One:

> Meet and greet and orientation for successfully “navigating” the town and its many colorful communities.
> Explore the extraordinary sites, shops, and scenery of San Miguel and bask in its stress-free ambiance.
> Visit Fabrica Aurora, San Miguel’s most renowned historic textile mill turned world-class art gallery.
> Participate in an evening Sacred Time “inner journey” workshop facilitated by your host, Val Jon Farris.

Today’s theme of “Recreation” is about both engaging in nurturing recreational activities as well as focusing on “re-creation” in the sense of completing your past, redefining who you are at your core, and aligning yourself with your Higher Sacred Self going forward into your future. Consider it a powerful fresh start in your life!

Day Two:

> Learn the history and lore of one of Mexico’s only pyramids dedicated to female energy and wisdom.
> Engage in a half-day excursion and “Goddess Ceremony” held at the sacred ruins of Canada de la Virgen.
> Free time and afternoon inner reflection journey “mirror-work” group process facilitated by Val Jon.

Today’s theme of “Reflection” is about traveling within and exploring your deeper inner nature, qualities of Being that embody both your most authentic human presence and divine spiritual nature. Through engaging in a compassionate, yet powerful “mirror” process you will deliver yourself to your Higher Sacred Self and fully ground yourself in its sacred wisdom.

Day Three:

> Learn the history of what the Dalai Lama called one of the most spiritual places of peace on Earth.
> Half-day excursion and “Sacred Time Ceremony” held at the indigenous grounds of el Charco del Ingenio.
> Participate in an afternoon Mayan Tzolkin Calendar workshop – a “long-term sacred time” integration.

> Partake in a traditional Mexican dinner and completion/celebration evening with your group.

Today’s theme is about “Rejuvenation,” accessing and sustaining the well-spring of sacred energy residing within you. Through communing with the spiritual energy of the ancients, and opening yourself to the replenishing presence of the natural world, (much like the purifying flow of water or gusts of serene wind,) you will cleanse yourself of any “debris,” distractions, or detriments you may be carrying within you.

Travel & Logistical Information

Located 165 miles Northeast of Mexico City, San Miguel de Allende is just a little over a three-hour flight from Los Angeles with an additional ninety-minute limousine ride from Leon, (BJX) to arrive at our Retreat Center. At under five hours, there is no other international retreat destination easier to travel to and from. Note: While our Sacred Time Excursion is held over three days, you will need to plan an additional day of travel to get to San Miguel de Allende and at least a half-day of travel to return home the day after it completes. (More detailed logistics and preparation materials will be sent to you upon registration.)

Retreat Facility Information

Our 6,500 square foot Axis Mundi Retreat Center is located only seven blocks from the main center of town. Within its secure and safe compound walls is a large meeting space, comfortable apartment accommodations with fully equipped kitchens, dining rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms for up to eighteen guests, double occupancy. (During COVID we host nine guests, single occupancy). Our third-floor meeting/conference space includes a fully equipped gourmet kitchen, spacious dining room, outdoor patios and gardens, yoga and meditation areas, and a spectacular fourth-floor rooftop deck that overlooks the entire town.

Hello to you.  I’m Val Jon Farris, your Axis Mundi Retreat Center host, and guide.  Since I write my own bios, I’ll do it in first person.  I have dedicated over 30 years of my life to exploring and charting the hidden terrain existing between the outer and inner worlds.  I’ve hosted many expeditions to extraordinary destinations on Earth and guided thousands of life travelers into the depths of their hearts and souls.

I took my vows of Bodhisattva at the age of eighteen and soon after had the great fortune to personally learn the ways of inner navigation and stewardship from a host of extraordinary human beings and sages such as Buckminster Fuller, Swami Muktananda, Sathya Sai Baba, and Zen Master, Roshi Mumon Yamada. These rare encounters and spiritual transmissions set in motion a future path for me as a devoted life guide and personal growth facilitator. The greatest honor and gift to me is the opportunity to empower individuals to transform their own lives into the presence, energy, and expression of their highest selves.

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