Axis Mundi Retreat Center

Located in the World UNSECO town of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, the Axis Mundi Retreat Center offers a diverse portfolio of programs and services including personal development workshops, VIP mentoring, guided expeditions to sacred sites, and world-class leadership curriculum for entrepreneurs and corporate executives. Our facility is also available for rent to host your own retreats and events. (Watch a short video clip of San Miguel de Allende here.) (“Axis Mundi,” by definition is the “center of the world and nexus between Heaven and Earth.”)

Our 6,500 sqft facility has three floors and accommodates up to eighteen participants, (nine during COVID). The soon to be completed spacious third floor conference/meeting space overlooks the entire town of San Miguel de Allende and will be a well-equipped for up to eighteen participants. The lower two floors are composed of four apartments, (two on each floor) each with its own kitchen, dining area, livingroom, bathroom, and bedrooms. High speed internet, cable television, and other convenience appliances are standard in all the apartments. The retreat facility is located within a secure, high-walled compound and lush gardens and patios adorn the ground floor areas.

Our plans for the third floor conference center completion. The final work on the facility will be completed in mid-2021. The space includes three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a full kitchen and service kitchen, dining room, and a meeting space that accommodates up to eighteen attendees. The fourth floor rooftop, which overlooks the entire town, is a 2,200 sqft area designed for outdoor yoga classes, night time star observation and festive entertaining.

“*** Retreat Center “Sacred-Timeshare” Kickstarter Program ***

I am seeking financial backers to help complete the third-floor conference/meeting space. (This project is a labor of love as I’ve invested my life savings, as well as over three and a half years of extensive hands-on labor working side-by-side with a small Mexican crew building the facility from the ground up.) At the time of this posting, I’ve completed all but the finish work such as tile floors, glass for windows, cabinets and countertops, appliances, and of course, furnishings. I am currently offering four “tiers” of investment contributions to finish the project. Each tier offers my backers valuable services and programs in exchange for their financial contributions. (Consider the available tiers to be like sacred “timeshare” opportunities.) They are as follows:

Tier 1 – $1,000 Investment (Note: Lesser amounts are also welcome as any level of support is appreciated.)
Contribute $1,000 and receive a full-tuition credit to one of our three-day “Sacred Time Excursion” retreats we will be hosting times next year. Please check out this extraordinary offer as the retreat will be a life-changing event for our attendees! For details and registration, click here. Alternate exchanges for this tier include vacation apartment rentals at our retreat facility. (Daily rates range from $65 to $100 per night depending on the season.)

Tier 2 – $2,000 Investment
Contribute $2,000 and receive the Tier 1 benefits, plus additional night stays and more in-depth personal life mentoring with Val Jon Farris.

Tier 3 – $3,000 Investment
Contribute $3,000 and receive all Tier 2 benefits, plus $1,000 credit towards any of our future 5-Day Intensive Retreats or Spirit Adventure Expeditions. (See available adventures slated for 2021 and beyond here.)

Tier 4 – $4,000 to $10,000+ Investment
Contribute $4,000 to $10,000 and receive all Tier 3 benefits, plus free accommodations and the rental of the entire retreat facility for your own workshops and programs. (Note: The number of complementary days and services included in our retreat rental packages will depend on your investment and the number of attendees you plan to host. (Note: For authors, content creators, and facilitators, you are invited to review our vision for new technologies coming in 2021.)

Please consider offering your financial support as we can’t complete this project without your backing! San Miguel de Allende is a breathtaking vacation getaway destination, one you may well want to embark upon in 2021 to distance yourself from the political and social unrest in the States. Feel free to send your contributions directly to me via Zelle. (My email address is If you do send an online contribution fill out the comment form below and let me know which benefits you are interested in receiving and I’ll confirm with you.

A HUGE thank you to the following Kickstarter Backers. Their generous contributions are making it possible to finish the construction and open the retreat center by mid-2021! Our goal is to raise $25,000 and we have so far raised $7,000 . . . just under $18,000 to go!

Rick Carlile
Victoria Reynolds
Sam Beard
Richard Condon


October 23rd, 2020 Photo Update:
The sequence of photos begins on the second-floor where apartments #1 and #2 are located. (Apartments #3 and #4 are located on the first-floor.) The images start with entering the stairway to the third-floor and end with the fourth-floor rooftop view of San Miguel de Allende. The image tour is organized in logical walking sequence with a 360 degree capture of the main retreat space as well as the breathtaking 4th floor rooftop view.

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