TWS Questions & Answers

Who Are Our TWS Members?
We are a collective of discerning individuals from around the world who share a common passion for our personal growth and spiritual development. Our main focus is on exploring what we call our “inner terrain,” or the landscape of the human psyche. We’ve spent years delving into our core selves, expanding our self-awareness, surrendering our egos, and deepening our understandings of who we are and who we can become.

Our society is not for beginners. Our members are composed of seasoned teachers, practitioners, counselors, therapists, ministers, life coaches, change agents, community leaders, and well-traveled personal-growth seekers. We are also resolved as a group that we will guide our community together as a collective and in collaboration, as we can accomplish much more together with that approach.

Who Should Join TWS?
Our membership is for those who, no matter how busy or challenged they may be, still make time for their personal growth and development. If you answer “yes” to the majority of the following questions you are most likely a good candidate as a member of our tribe:


  • You’ve participated in a variety of self-development programs over the years and read many self-help, psychology, and spiritual books and are ready to go deeper and higher.
  • You’ve done extensive work on yourself, healed many “wounds,” and come to understand the importance of “personal responsibility” and the ways of “reaping what you sow.”
  • While you may still have some unresolved issues, you have a healthy approach to dealing with them. (Those who have major addictions should consider rehab counseling prior to joining us.)
  • You are open to learning and growing along with other members and mentors in your tribe, but you realize that only you can discern “truth” for yourself and that your growth is an “inside job.”
  • You might honor a specific faith, teacher or philosophy, but you are open to exploring new understandings and practices. You understand that by sharing your faith with other members it will enrich the entire tribe’s spiritual maturity.
  • You are seeking an online community that resonates with your lifestyle choices and actively shares and offers support and guidance through a private social media platform such as TribeShare.

If you answered “Yes” to the majority of these questions join us by clicking on the compass to the left.