Hello to all our TWS members! Everyone received our first monthly newsletter yesterday with the feauture article, “Kintsugu.” (If you missed it click here.) While in Japan a number of years ago I was priviledged to observe the age-old art of reconstructing fine ceramic pottery and figurines that had been accidentally fractured or shattered. Master artists used gold laced epoxy to not only reconstruct the original masterpieces, they transformed them into even more beautiful works of art than they orginally were before they were damaged.

I immediately realized that this remarkable “outer world” process could be applied to our “inner world.” The inquiry that arose within me was . . . “What if the ‘broken parts of us,’ those area within our psyche that have been abused, battered, or tramatized in our pasts could be transformed just like these fine pieces of ceramic art?” In other words, rather than merely “healing,” what if we could actually become more beautiful, capable and whole than we were before we were hurt as a result of applying the art of KIntsugi to ourselves? I invite you to read for yourself just how this transormational process is accomplished! Blessings to you all . . . and I want you to know I love each and every one of you . . . you fine masterpieces of human art! – VJ