Our newsletter archives

On the 1st of every month we publish our TWS Newsletter and send it to all our members. Below is an archive of all our Newsletters. (You may download PDF copies by clicking on the associated images.)

January 2020 Newsletter

“Kintsugi:” From Broken To Beautiful

February 2020 Newsletter

A Community Dancing With Energy And Space

March 2020 Newsletter

“The Mirror of Life:” Accessing The Powers of Creation and Manifestation

April 2020 Newsletter

“The God of Life and Life of God:” Exploring Our Omnipotent Wholeness

May 2020 Newsletter

Intimate Relationships: Loves, Losses, and Lessons

June 2020 Newsletter

Traveling Within: Exploring
Freedom and Balance of Being

July 2020 Newsletter

The One “Traveling” Within Navigational Principle

August 2020 Newsletter

The Journey Within And Its “Garden of Aliveness”

Sept 2020 Newsletter

Spiritual Resilience:
The Secret Is In The Stars!

October 2020 Newsletter

Announcing A “20/20” Vision:
The Axis Mundi Retreat Center