Program Overview:
Hello and welcome. I’m your host, Val Jon Farris. The activity of “traveling within” would not be complete without venturing into the world of dreamtime, and starting the first week in February I will be hosting a free weekly online dream group with our TWS members. Together we’ll be embarking on an extraordinary journey into the mysterious landscape of our nightly dreams.

“Mitote,” or “Mitotiqui” is an ancient Mesoamerican term that refers to the blinding effects that accompany our mortal struggles, disturbances, and confusions – essentially how our survival-based ego blocks access to our deeper human presence and higher spiritual nature. This is where Mitote Dreamtime comes in as it clears away the distractions of the ego and delivers us to the extraordinary clarity of our Higher Selves.

For the Shamans of Antiquity, life and everything within it was considered to be a dream, a temporal illusion created by omnipotent forces, and that we human beings were brought into existence to both engage in, as well as transcend the mortal illusion they created for us. As a way to make it possible for us to transcend the survival agendas of our egos, the Gods gave us the faculty of dreaming so we would have a way to deliver ourselves beyond our blindness and free ourselves from the illusion of temporality. What better way to transcend life’s illusionary dream than with the very faculty of dreaming itself?

Program Benefits:
Bringing it down to practicality, whatever your struggles may include, be them relationships, career, happiness, health or well-being, practicing Mitote Dreamtime can and will, make a huge positive impact for you. Here are just a few of the benefits of participating:

  • Take huge leaps forward in your ability to be centered, clear and wise in your daily activities.
  • Deepen your ability to “travel within” and beome familiar with the symbolism of your psyche.
  • Open gateways into your creative nature that previously were unavailable to you.
  • Come into accord with your Higher Self and integrate its wisdom into your daily life.
  • Learn to command your dream sequences and change them into whatever you intend.
  • Gain the ability (with time) to actually travel in your dreams to alternate dimensions of reality.
  • Learn the art and science of “co-dreaming” with others for a shared experience of dream-ttravel.

Program Details:
Our dream group will meet online weekly throughout the month of February beginning Sunday, Feb. 2nd. Members will receive a newsletter with detailed information Saturday, Feb 1st along with logistical information to prepare for the program. Here are the details:

  • Each Sunday evening, (time to be determined) we will meet online for 90 minutes to discuss the practices and steps needed to engage in the Mitote Dreamtime world.
  • Each night participants will have a series of dream preparation steps to implement, including using a journal to capture and document their dream sequences each morning.
  • Each week participants will have an opportunity to share their dreams and engage in an illuminating interpretation and Q&A session with Val Jon.
  • Each week during our online sessions, Val Jon will introduce new material that deepend the journey work we will be engaging in together, (e.g., the “Four Toltec Dream Gates.”)
  • Attendees will establish a “buddy system” and connect with other participants between weekly group sessions for support and integration of the program’s key principles and learnings.

NOTE: Members of TWS must sign up in our HeartShare Group, “Mitote Dreamtime” via this link:  Non Members please click on the button below and become a free subscriber to our online TWS Community, and once you are confirmed as a Member, use HeartShare to register for this program. (We suggest reviewing our community mission on the home page so you are in alignment with what our tribe is about.)