“The Metaverse is not what it appears to be. Explore beneath all the hype and you will find
a clandestine digital platform designed to enslave the world within the next five years.”
– Val Jon Farris

If you have arrived on this page you are either someone who realizes the deteriments accompanying the “Metaverse,” you are curious to learn more about it, or you are gathering data to block my efforts to get the word out. In all three cases, you are welcome here. I’m passionate and fearless about this issue and view both positive and negative forces as the ways and means by which all (r)evolutions succeed.

I’m not a conspiracy theorist, I’m a realist who has dedicated 40 years of my life to the work of personal sovereignty, self development, and the path to higher consciousness. I’m committed to doing all I can to illuminate and facilitate the sacred capabilities of freedom, peace, and power dwelling within us all.

It was Buckminster Fuller, who I produced events for prior to his death, who introduced me to the inspiring challenge and opportunity of making a difference in life by embracing what he called “higher thinking.” His timeless message was about embracing an elevated perspective about ourselves and what we are capable of as individual human beings. It is within this spirit that I share my perspectives about the “Metaverse,” and the detriments I believe it poses to everyone’s personal liberties, inner well-being, and future.

As a published author in the genre of personal growth and human behavior, I have over the years, written scores of articles and two award-winning books on these subjects. (Check out my latest book, “Travelers Within” on Amazon.com, a select list of articles here, and the variety of programs and services I offer to those dedicated to their personal growth.)

I created this page recently to focus on the Metaverse and have begun posting my articles about it below. If you find the material valuable, I ask that you send your email to my personal address below and forward this link to all those in your life who you care about or love. (I do not use online membership databases as they are subject to exploitation. I instead keep people’s private data on an external hard drive and email them with periodic announcements, blogs, and articles.)

Thank you for your interest, and as ominous as the trends are here on Earth, it is still a remarkable and sacred home (or “organic spaceship” as Bucky Fuller called it) for us all. ~ Val Jon




Article #1 In Series: The Real Matrix of Enslavement
Explore under the surface of all the hype and propaganda about the Metaverse which is designed to desensatize us to the sacredness of real life by replacing it with a lifeless virtual version of reality . . . one that is intent upon controlling the masses and methodically removing all their remaining liberties.

Article #2 In Series: Which Pill To Choose?
Continue our exploration down the rabbit hole of the Metaverse’ a clandestine global infrastructure designed to desensatize us to the sacredness of real life by replacing it with a lifeless virtual version of reality . . . one that is intent upon controlling the masses and methodically removing all their remaining liberties.

Article #3 In Series: Down The Rabbit Hole We Go!
In this “naysayer-busting” article we explore the extent of surveillance we are all under and just what those who are monitoring us are capable of and will do if we fail to comply with their mandates. Naysayers especially ought to read what I have to say and check out the sobering links I provide. They unequivocally reveal the clandestine plans being executed by those funding and promoting the Metaverse and its associated technology.

Article #4 In Series: Implementing Some Easy Solutions
In this article we explore some of the more simple solutions for reducing the degree of exploitation and invasions of privacy when using the internet and its rapidly developing Metaverse infrastructure. Most are privacy options we can control on our cell phones, home devices, and computers. The next article will introduce the more challenging lifestyle changes that must be made to regain our personal sovereignty.

Article #5 In Series: The First of Four Lifestyle Practices For Exiting The Matrix
In this article (first of four in the subseries) we explore the challenging lifestyle changes that must be made to exit the meta-control and regain our personal sovereignty. This first practice includes up-leveling our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. The steps are challenging but extremely liberating!

The Power of Personal Sovereignty
America . . . the home of the free and land of misinformation and opposition. We are a nation of people struggling to find our individual and collective place within the promise of freedom, the pursuit of happiness, and the illusion of equality and justice for all. From our emancipation to the abolishment of slavery, to the anti-war protests and women’s rights movement, to our current day “pandemic” controversy and its onslaught of polarizing accusations, we Americans are far more divided than united.

I have followed the work of Val Jon for nearly 30 years and have always been impressed by his ability to express complicated ideas in a way that is understood by people of all backgrounds and beliefs. I highly recommend any of his books or workshops. – John Thompson

I have known Val Jon and his work for quite a while and have worked deeply with him in person. This book is a summary of all that knowledge and experience. It is beautifully written and takes the reader on a journey of healing and transformation. Val Jon’s work had a profound shift for me in my work and my relationship to my son. Saying he saved my life is underestimating his power. This book is a major force for healing. – David A. Couper

Val Jon has been on a journey for a long time and has been providing a depth of wisdom, healings and teachings throughout his life. Travelers within is a culmination of his work…not for the beginner in a journey of inner healing, but a deep dive into the depths of our soul, aligning our 3D-5D realities and much more. His wisdom is invaluable, his heart expansive in teaching ourselves how to go deeper and grow wider…a must-read for anyone wanting to dig into themselves and tap into their infinite self. – Pilar Stella Ingargiola

Having known Val Jon for more then twenty years, I was inspired and moved by his spiritual nature. Our top experience was held in Machu Picchu, on a divine journey, described on his first book. As a writer he moves mountains by encouraging people to get out of their comfort zone and explore the unknown universe. His book is a powerful way to start your travel within. Enjoy it! – Alberto Golbert

To be perfectly honest, this is not an easy journey for the neophyte of self-exploration. But, we can learn so much signing on to this professionally guided, hand-holding, rough & tough look into ourselves. Most of us will have to experience the teaching again and again to break-through some of our personal hangups, self-sabotage traits & discover the ‘why’s’ of who we are…but to be the best we may be as individuals & discover empathy for why others may be who they are, it is well worth the hard work & travel within. Val Jon Farris makes the time spent not only FUN! & life-changing, but intellectually stimulating. – Cynthia E.

I haven’t read this book yet, but I traveled to another country to participate in a personal growth workshop, led by Val Jon (the author). Val Jon spent his life working to find his own self, and shares that information is a wonderful, caring and kind way. I’ve attended dozens of personal growth and spiritual seminars, and I can honestly say Val Jon’s work is completely different and a fresh approach. I am sure his book will be as fabulous as he is! – Brenda F.