Our Member Services

Our free 6-month membership option includes our private HeartShare social networking platform, special invites to live webinars and virtual meetings, newsletters, posts and blogs, as well as many other community-based services. (See list below.) Our paid membership (purchasing our flagship book, Travelers Within) includes extended benefits such as pre-scheduled live webinars with your host and guide, Val Jon Farris, 24/7 access to our virtual communications platforms, our elearning courses and special discounts on events, expeditions and more. To sign up for your free trial membership, click here.

HeartShare Social Networking Platform
Our members have access to a full-featured Facebook-like community networking platform:

  • Live chat feed and public feed and private messaging options between our members.
  • Personal profile page and friend connections with privacy level on posts.
  • Open, closed and secret groups, as well as announcement groups.
  • Upload photos and create photo albums to share with the community.
  • Upload Video and Audio files or share links from supported providers.

Live Webinars & Meetings
Access to our virtual communications platform, Livewebinar which includes the following features:

  • Attending live webinars, meetings and recorded streaming webcasts with up to 100 participants.
  • Text chat, slides, screen sharing, white-boarding, polls and surveys, break-out rooms and more.
  • 24 hour meeting space for chat, VoIP and video calls with other members from around the world.
  • Access to an entire library of pre-recorded webcasts conducted by our TWS Facilitator Guides.

Monthly TWS Newsletter
On the 1st of every month our members receive a Travelers Within Newsletter delivered via email:

  • Feature articles showcase the Stages of the “AwarenesSphere” outlined in Travelers Within.
  • In-depth looks at the principles and practices in each chapter for gaining greater clarity.
  • Q&A section for gaining understanding on how to apply principles and practices.
  • Empowering quotes, posts and tips for accessing your inner “Agent of Being.”

Periodic Blogs & RSS Feeds
All our members have access to our online Blogs. These informative news posts include short topics, articles, and inspiring quotes posted by our TWS Facilitator Guides and author/members. Selected posts are also sent automatically via RSS feeds, (“Really Simple Syndications”). These supportive messages are designed to keep you focused on what is most important to you as well as to deepen your “inner traveling” practices.

Book Study Groups By City
As our membership base expands, we will organize city-by-city book study groups hosted by our certified TWS Facilitator Guides. Held bi-monthly in your hometown, these face-to-face forums are a powerful way to integrate and deepen your learnings from our flagship book, Travelers Within. Sessions are open to all members and will be an opportunity to engage chapter-by-chapter in the two-volume book, share personal experiences, give and receive support, and deepen your relationships with fellow members. (For information about becoming certified as a TWS Facilitator Guide in your hometown, please contact us.)

Travelers Lifestyle Library
Access to our online library containing articles on personal growth and nurturing lifestyles such as:

  • How to develop the powers of Curiosity and Inquiry and how to evoke them in others.
  • Deepening your Engagement skills with others and acquiring greater personal Introspection.
  • Opening to greater dimensions of personal Transformation, and spiritual Transmigration.
  • Surrendering to Sacred Guidance and the Destiny bestowed upon you by your “Agent of Being.”  

Online Member Store
Access to our ecommerce platform where you can both buy and sell TWS services and products:

  • Get discounts on workbooks and other training media designed for the Travelers Within book.
  • Get discounts on other TWS services and products as well as special events and expeditions.
  • As a Member you can also become a seller on our platform and offer your services and products.

Note: Guest Members have access to the store to browse and make purchases. Our Paid Members have the added benefit of offering their products and services to all our subscribers.

LMS Courses & eLearning
Access to our virtual university via, LearnDash, LMS, a robust learning management system:

  • Professional courses for our members that deepen their understanding, knowledge and wisdom.
  • Dynamic lessons and curriculum that incorporate quizzes, assessments, and “graduation” levels.
  • Includes, personal and spiritual growth, well-being, lifestyle changes, and relationship courses.
  • Attend online courses on your own schedule and gain powerful insight into “traveling within.”