Explore The Ancient Mayan Empire!

Exploring The Ancient Maya Empire!
An Adventure Into The Northern Yucatan Peninsula

This extraordinary six-day travel adventure begins in beautiful Cancun, where the travel team gets to know one another, enjoys the beautiful beaches of the “Maya Riviera” and plans their expedition across the Northern Yucatan Peninsula to a series of sacred Maya sites, true Wonders of the World.

Days One , Two & Three
Days Four, Five & Six

Overview Itinerary for the 6 Day Expedition Into Spirit: Exploring The Ancient Maya Empire:

Day One – Afternoon – Meet Up In Cancun, Check In, Get to Know Everyone and Expedition Planning Dinner 
Day Two – Morning – Chichen Itza Ruins, Afternoon – “Ik Kil” Cenote, Evening – Dinner Sharing and Workshop
Day Three – Morning – Uxmal Ruins, Afternoon – Oxkintok Ruins, Evening – Caves of Loltun, Dinner Sharing
Day Four – Morning – Ek Balam Ruins, Afternoon – Maya Jungle Feast, Evening – Workshop and Reflections
Day Five – Morning – Coba Ruins, Afternoon – Tulum Ruins, Evening – Dive Preparation, Dinner Sharing
Day Six – Morning/Afternoon – Cenote Scuba Dive and/or Snorkling, Evening – Workshop, Dinner Sharing

Join your guide and host Val Jon Farris for an extraordinary life changing week in the magic of the Yucatan Peninsula. We will dedicate each day to exploring ruins and sacred locations and spend the evenings reflecting, integrating and bringing the lessons of the ancient Maya civilization forth into our everyday lives! This is far more than a “tour,” this is a profound life choice, a choice to deepen our hearts, broaden our minds and redefine our selves in both ancient and new ways, ways that create a future for us of aliveness, presence and joy! See exclusive video of Val Jon conducting this very same expedition and sharing about the powerful life lessons to be learned while on this Expedition into Spirit: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL18886EF642D1A26E&feature=edit_ok



For more information about our Mayan Empire Adventure, please send us a message.  We will personally reply and discuss the retreat details with you. (Note: Your contact information will be held in total confidence.)

Maya Empire Adventure

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