In this month’s TWS Newsletter I introduced the notion of “pure energy and loving space” as the foundational cornerstones of our virtual community. I shared my experiences of being with Swami Muktananda in my youth and how he operated beyond the normal bounds of reality by focusing not on matter and time, but rather on energy and space. (If you missed the Feb. edition, click this link to download a pdf.)

For my own purposes, as well as for my Travelers Within facilitation over the years, I modified the phrase from “pure energy and loving space” to “clean energy and clear space.” I did this because I’ve found the process to be “custodial” in nature and so cleaning and clearing seemed more relevant to me. Engaging with energy and space in this way ensures that all my relationships and friendships remain nurturing over time. It has been said that our relationships, (and particularly our close and intimate ones) are a mirror for us, a reflection of our own inner terrain, and that our partner or mate is in many ways a manifestation of whatever is moving within us.

This is not to say they don’t have their own issues to deal with or responsibility to take, but rather that the more deeply entwined with our partner we become, the more likely it is that their issues will trigger ours. This is why I believe our mate is our mirror, and if we are to maintain a nurturing relationship with them, we must be open to their reflections in order to see beyond our own ego’s filters and limitations. (Think of it this way, without a mirror there is no way to see behind our own head, we are in essence blind to parts of ourselves that are completely undetectable by us, yet totally visible to others.)

So what does “clean energy and clear space” actually mean? It means being impeccable about what we feel, and more importantly, how we express and act on what we are feeling. Blaming another for our upsets or struggles is “unclean” in the sense that it assigns the cause of our issue to them. At the same time, it also absolves us of any personal responsibility. Conversely, blaming ourselves is just as unclean in that it magnifies negative energy moving within our psyche and restricts our spaciousness and openness. It comes down to one key principle. . . “Negation Kills Understanding.” In essence, we lose the right to expect nurturing and loving relationships when we resort to the unclean tactics of blame, shame and negation.

Rising above negation and instead embracing understanding requires vigilant practice, a high degree of awareness, and more than anything, a willingness to be humble and open to collaborating rather than invalidating our mate. In next week’s blog I will provide greater insight into this challenging process of “clean energy and clear space.” In the meantime, jump in and practice, and post your comments, progress and questions on the TWS blog page and our HeartShare chatspace which you can access here.