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Program Description

“Living At Choice” is a profound 3 day journey into our psyche or “emotional body,” an inner landscape our structuring of human emotion, awareness and perception.  The vital structuring explored is what we call “The Box,” an all-encompassing conclusive way of being in the world which we form during our first 5 to 6 years of life.  This invisible structuring protects us from threats, rejection, abuse, pain, loss and criticism, but at the same time insulates us from experiencing the richness of life.  Not only does the Box restrict our experience life’s richness, it diminishes our outward expressions, creativity, capacity to love, to be open, and most of all to contribute who we really are into the world.

Program Results

For over two decades this program has served hundreds of people in liberating themselves from the restrictions of invisible emotionally-charged conclusions that limit our freedom to be, to be open, to be in love, to be loved and to embrace life fully. What few people realize is that the quality of their lives is not a function of their circumstances but rather a consequence of their choices. To live “at choice” means surrendering our need for control, certainty and even belonging and instead embracing “intentional acceptance,” the capacity to sustain our personal fulfillment without the need of external validation, gratification or attachments. Living At Choice is a step towards an extraordinary life.


Level of Dedication Required By Attendees

Attendee Experience Level (1 = Novice 10 = Veteran)

Length of Initial Program (Days)

Follow Up Program (Days)

Program Curriculum & Outline


Day One

2:00 pm   Intros, sharing, session purpose, logistics and agreements
4:00   Short break and hello exercise
4:20   “Anatomy of the box,” engage in “experience your experience”
5:00   Box clarification, recurring pattern assignment
6:30  Dinner Break
7:30 pm   First participant “box work process,” (approx. 2 hours per)

Day Two

9:00 am  Morning sharing and positive encouragement to fully engage
12:00   Second participant process
3:00   Short break and third participant process
6:30   Dinner break and sharing
8:30 pm   Fourth participant process, final evening sharing Q&A

Day Three

9:00 am  Morning sharing and fifth participant process
12:30   Lunch break and sharing
2:00   Sixth participant process
5:00  Short snack break and pack up belongings
5:30   LifeChoice “Liberation” distinctions and participant declarations
7:00  Q & A, keeping the experience and growth alive
8:00 pm   Completion
  • Personal Develoment Results 100% 100%
  • Leadership Development Results 50% 50%
  • Business Development Results 25% 25%
  • Global Development Results 65% 65%

The Personal Development results of this program are amazing!

The four areas of development, (Personal, Leadership, Business and Global) are interconnected and as such, when results are gained in one area, it affects our development in the other three areas. The bar graphs to the left display how much influence participating in our Personal Development programs has on the other three development areas.

“I’ve done many self-development workshops but this was by far the most profound and useful.”

Diane M.

Artist & Painter, Self Employed

“I could not imagine going through life without the wisdom I gained from attending this program. I am moving forward at an incredible pace.”

James L.

Architect, Self-Employed

“Thank you so much for the most remarkable and amazing experience of my life.  My respect and admiration always.”

Shelly B.

Manager, Microsoft Corporation

“Life changing.  I came at a low time and was able to understand how my life has been affected deeply by early life decisions and how I can now live in gratitude. Best workshop I’ve ever taken.”

Barbara D.

Homemaker & Mother, My Family!

“A never-to-be-forgotten experience.  I’m getting so much more accomplished in my life.  Truly extraordinary!”

Alicia T.

Body Worker & Well-Being Coach, Self-Employed

“A truly loving and wonderful experience.  I am now fully present in the world!”

Julie M.

Event Organizer, Gold Country Events, Inc.

“This workshop provided the only process to truly find my “self.”  So intense, challenging and fulfilling.  Truly Extraordinary!!!”

Anderon M.

Health Food Distributor, Bright Earth Foods

“My life transformed after this program!  I am now fully at choice in my life and it is so freeing!  The facilitators were loving, authentic and really live what they teach.”

William H.

Psychotherapist, APA

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