Blessed Sunday to you all! Before we venture into the deeper terrain of Mitote Dreamtime in February, in this week’s blog post for January we explore one more facet of “Kintsugi: From Broken To Beautiful.” (To view the article click here.)

This week’s blog focuses on how to navigate the terrain of devastation. While it’s not something to look forward to, the reality is we must all learn how to support ourselves, as well as support others as we face into loss, sadness and grief. The mistake many of us make when dealing with these intense emotions is to try to “power through” them and be strong for others. Many of us avoid devastating emotions because we are under the false assumption that if we open to them we will lose control . . . But actually just the opposite is true and here’s why . . .

Think of your emotions like information . . . when you’re happy, your psyche is informing you of a goodness, joy, and nurturance moving within it. When you are angry, you’re receiving information that someone or something is violating your boundaries or wishes. When you’re sad, your sorrow is informing you that you’ve lost, or are losing something or someone you value. When you are afraid, you’re being informed that you’re exposed to real or perceived danger. The reality is that our emotions are essential information we need in order to sustain our health, safety and well-being. So the question to ask yourself is this, “If I cut off vital information from myself, am I in more control or less control?” While it may seem antithetical, the correct answer is – less information equals less control.

So then, why does it feel like we are losing control when we begin to open to intense emotions moving within us? Because our ego fails to acknowledge that while IT is losing control, WE are not. As our ego loses its grip over our behaviors it panics . . . but if we can acknowledge this fact as it occurs, we can allow our ego to panic over its loss of control while our deeper self gains wise command.

Next time you encounter devastation, apply this principle and practice and watch how quickly you gain command over your ability to navigate it wisely. In fact, what you will discover is that the more you open to your deeper intense emotions, the more centered you become, and the more information you will receive from Spirit about how to navigate whatever challenge you are facing. This will be a blessing for you and all those in your life who find themselves caught by their ego’s need to ignore the deeper wisdom residing within them. – Val Jon

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