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Moving out of one’s homeland is a huge choice.  Rather it is wisest when it is a clear choice, a commitment to a wholesome lifestyle that is in alignment with one’s well-being goals and preferences.  If you are seriously considering exiting the USA, please contact us and we will share with you the magic, beauty and well-being of the location on Earth we feel to be most nurturing and supportive for open-hearted global citizens.

World Traveler’s Real Estate caters to “citizens of the world,” global-minded individuals who are seeking a new home base or perhaps a get-away destination in a world-class, international UNESCO city such as San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

Located 165 miles Northeast of Mexico City, San Miguel de Allende, (SMA) is just over a 3-hour flight from Los Angeles or 2 hours from Houston, with an additional 90-minute limousine ride directly from the nearby city of Leon. There is no other warm-climate destination like this in the world that is easier to reach.

San Miguel de Allende is unlike any other city in the Country of Mexico.  It is literally the Barcelona of Spain, the Paris of France and the Florence of Italy.  Musicians, writers, artists and world-class professionals live, celebrate and perform here and the lifestyle is nothing short of truly international.  Click here for an inspiring glimpse into life in San Miguel de Allende!

Real Estate In San Miguel: Bypassing the “dual economy” and working directly with long-time local experts who have access to long-time local properties. 

We specialize in the following real estate opportunities:

  • Investment properties that generate passive income as well as serve as part-time residences.
  • Multiple dwellings including condominiums, gated micro-communities, duplexes and botique hotels.
  • Renovation and rebuildable properties located in gentrifying and up-and-coming communities.
  • Country estates near to the city but far enough away to enjoy a peaceful and tranquil life.

Hello to you.  I’m Val Jon Farris and our TWS operations are run from beautiful San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.  As you can see from my attire I’m not one to need a tie or suit in order to represent myself.  I would prefer to be seen for what I am, a world traveler, explorer and seasoned life guide.  And “guiding” is exactly what my profession and passion is all about.  Within the genre of Real Estate, I guide potential buyers to local properties in and around San Miguel de Allende that are “under the radar” of the high profile luxury real estate companies that ask high profile luxury prices.

As a full-time resident of this beautiful city, I’ve nurtured and developed wonderful relationships with the local Mexican residents and real estate professionals who know every family, every property and every opportunity available.  As a result of demonstrating care, respect and interest in the ways of the Mexican culture, I’ve gained trust and partnership with local property experts and their network of wonderful local properties which the high-profile real estate companies simply cannot access.  The result is that I’m able to make available wonderful local properties at below premium market prices.  To me, this is one of the most rewarding activities in life, to travel to foreign lands and find deals of a lifetime!  My real estate guiding is a small part of what I do, but a part that I truly love.  Helping like-minded and like-hearted people find an enchanting and nurturing home-base here in San Miguel de Allende is both fun and fulfilling.  I invite you to come down and experience and explore the magic of this extraordinary World Heritage city!

For more information about our World Traveler Real Estate opportunities, please send us a message.  We will personally reply and be happy to answer your questions. (Note: Your contact information will be held in total confidence.)

International Living

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