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“Stay Close To Nature” is our Healthy Lifestyle Motto here in San Miguel de Allende!
There is no better resource to ensure our well-being than staying close to Mother Nature’s healing totality.  Nature provides us with all we need in order to live a wholesome, fulfilling and vibrant life; all we need do is keep her wise presence close to us.  Nature’s “Totality” refers to her wholeness, interconnectedness and unity, three life-sustaining aspects of Nature that are fundemental to ensuring our ongoing being well.  There are five components involved in this important “totality practice.”  They are:

1. Breathe Fresh Clean Air                 4. Drink Purified Water
2. Eat Wholesome Foods                    5. Boost Your Immune System
3. Drink Organic Juices                        

1. Breathe Fresh Clean Air
One of THE most extraodinary health benefits of living in San Miguel de Allende is the quality of our air.  The combination of being located in the mountains at 6,000′, frequent breezes and the fact that much of the town is walking-only cobblestone streets makes for a healthful outdoor experience.  For those who want to take fresh air indoors to the next level we recommend one of the following air purifiers or ozone generators.  Feel free to contact us for our reviews on each of them.

2. Eat Wholesome Foods, (Vegan/Organic)
One would think Mexico has a limited menu but that’s far from the truth.  San Miguel de Allende is known for its globally diverse cuisine.  Chefs from all over the world migrate here to prepare and serve up their most savory and healthful meals.  Local farmers have also embraced organic farming so there is an abundance of wholesome fresh produce to choose from.  Eating healthfully in SMA is simply a matter of choice and here are some of the BEST choices.  Contact us for our updated list of Vegan, Vegetarian and fresh cuisine restaurants and establishments.

3. Drink Organic Juices, (Juicing)
One of THE best “Superfoods” you can consume is juiced fruits and vegetables.  Juiced nutrients are absorbed directly into the bloodstream which maximizes their nutrition and detoxification properties.  The high potassium in vegetable juices replaces harmful sodium lodged in our cells and organs thereby restoring our immune system’s full healing capabilities.  However HOW jucing is done makes all the difference in terms of nurtitional benefits.  Spinning juicers create static electricity and heat which kills live enzymes, and one-step juicers only yeild about 60% of the produce’s nutritional value.  The following juicers are the best on the market and will ensure maximum nutrients are in every glass of juice.  (Note: We can offer 10% below retail pricing on some of these juicers.  Contact us for availability and pricing.)


4. Drink Purified Water
The one aspect of living in Mexico that needs attention is ensuring a healthy and pure water supply.  Because San Miguel de Allende is a mountain community water is scarce.  And while the Municipal Water Department does all they can to provide clean potable water there are no guarentees.  The bottled water companies in town use reverse osmosis but it does not remove the ever-rising levels of Halogens such as Arsenic and Fluoride.  The only way to remove all toxins is through distillation.  (We are now distributors for the Midi and Mini Water Distillers and can offer a discount of 10% below retail cost.  Contact us for availability and pricing.)

5. Boost Your Immune System
There are two aspects involved in boosting our immune systems – Organ Cleansing (or “detoxing”) and Nutritional Intake.  These two practices go hand-in-hand and must be balanced in order to ensure our optimal health.  Too much cleansing without proper nutrition can compromise the immune system by starving the major organs.  While too much nutrition without proper detixification is a waste of nutrients because the organs and cells in our bodies cannot assimilate them if toxins are present within them.

Hello to you.  I’m Val Jon Farris, your Guide and Host here in beautiful San Miguel de Allende. “Life Guiding”  is what my profession is all about whether it be exploring the “inner terrain” of the self or the “outer landscape” of lifestyle and well-being. Within the genre of Healthy Lifestyles, I serve those who have made the choice to live in beautiful San Miguel de Allende, and want to do so with the highest possible level of health and well-being.

As a full-time resident, I’ve nurtured and developed wonderful long-term relationships with many ex-pats, local merchants health practitionesr and other professionals who have a deep commitment to living healthfull lives and supporting others in doing the same.  As a result, I’m able to make high-quality lifestyle products and services available to those who seek them.  To me, this is one of the most rewarding activities in life which I truly love.  Helping like-minded and like-hearted people find the healthy products and services they need here in San Miguel de Allende is both fun and fulfilling.  I invite you to come down and experience and explore the magic of this extraordinary World Heritage town for yourself.  To your Long Life and Health!

For more information about our Healthy Lifestyle products and services (including availability, pricing and shipping to Mexico) please send us a message and we will reply to you within 24 hours.  (Note: Your contact information will be held in complete confidence.)

Healthy Lifestyles

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