Wherever water flows, life flourishes: wherever tears fall, Divine mercy is shown.” 

– Rumi

Val Jon Farris is an award-winning author, behaviorist, and leadership consultant. For over thirty years he has conducted personal-growth programs for more than 40,000 people and championed large-scale workforce transformations for Fortune 100 corporations. He was one of Sir Richard Branson’s senior leadership mentors for “XTC,” (Extreme Tech Challenge), and in addition to authoring two popular personal-growth books, he is a well-respected contributor to the Huffington Post. Val Jon is also an expedition guide into the Mesoamerican ruins of South America. He is located in Northern Mexico in San Miguel de Allende, a beautiful World UNESCO Heritage site where he lives and operates his expedition retreat center.

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Given the challenging times, we are all being called to strive toward our higher selves and to “Flourish.”  Flourishing carries within its wholeness something absolutely galvanizing for those who feel its sacred movements.  It is the yearnings of our greater selves reaching out to us, inviting us to work and live together in “spirit with” one another as opposed to in “spite of” one another.

To flourish requires nurturing the “seed of our soul,” the essence of our greater selves, innate human wisdom, and insight that resides within the ground of our being. As we open to and embrace this seed, it brings about a powerful growth process within us in which we evolve from being individual selves merely surviving to collective souls absolutely thriving. This profound shift also carries within its essence the resilience and guidance needed to empower others to engage in the flourishing process for themselves.

We are being called to a higher order of being, one in which we no longer allow ourselves to lose touch with the Divine within us and to do whatever it takes to nurture it and share it with our fellow human beings.  We are the promise and destiny of “one accord” on this planet, and it’s our privilege to live into it and flourish from it. – Val Jon Farris

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Part One – Women and Men Being Called Into “One Accord”

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Part Three – The Shadow Architypes of Projection and Introjection

Part Four – The Many Goddesses of Antiquity (And Their Timeless Covenants of Stewardship)



I have followed the work of Val Jon for nearly 30 years and have always been impressed by his ability to express complicated ideas in a way that is understood by people of all backgrounds and beliefs. I highly recommend any of his books or workshops. – John Thompson

I have known Val Jon and his work for quite a while and have worked deeply with him in person. This book is a summary of all that knowledge and experience. It is beautifully written and takes the reader on a journey of healing and transformation. Val Jon’s work had a profound shift for me in my work and my relationship to my son. Saying he saved my life is underestimating his power. This book is a major force for healing. – David A. Couper

Val Jon has been on a journey for a long time and has been providing a depth of wisdom, healings and teachings throughout his life. Travelers within is a culmination of his work…not for the beginner in a journey of inner healing, but a deep dive into the depths of our soul, aligning our 3D-5D realities and much more. His wisdom is invaluable, his heart expansive in teaching ourselves how to go deeper and grow wider…a must-read for anyone wanting to dig into themselves and tap into their infinite self. – Pilar Stella Ingargiola

Having known Val Jon for more then twenty years, I was inspired and moved by his spiritual nature. Our top experience was held in Machu Picchu, on a divine journey, described on his first book. As a writer he moves mountains by encouraging people to get out of their comfort zone and explore the unknown universe. His book is a powerful way to start your travel within. Enjoy it! – Alberto Golbert

To be perfectly honest, this is not an easy journey for the neophyte of self-exploration. But, we can learn so much signing on to this professionally guided, hand-holding, rough & tough look into ourselves. Most of us will have to experience the teaching again and again to break-through some of our personal hangups, self-sabotage traits & discover the ‘why’s’ of who we are…but to be the best we may be as individuals & discover empathy for why others may be who they are, it is well worth the hard work & travel within. Val Jon Farris makes the time spent not only FUN! & life-changing, but intellectually stimulating. – Cynthia E.

I haven’t read this book yet, but I traveled to another country to participate in a personal growth workshop, led by Val Jon (the author). Val Jon spent his life working to find his own self, and shares that information is a wonderful, caring and kind way. I’ve attended dozens of personal growth and spiritual seminars, and I can honestly say Val Jon’s work is completely different and a fresh approach. I am sure his book will be as fabulous as he is! – Brenda F.