Our “Axis Mundi” Expeditions

Expeditions Into Spirit is our flagship Axis Mundi expedition program. Come explore some of South America’s most stunning and mystical destinations with your host and guide, Val Jon Farris. These are no ordinary tours, but rather extraordinary once-in-a-lifetime adventures into both the outer and inner worlds.

Join Val Jon and a small group of travelers as we explore some of Mesoamerica’s most sacred sites, ruins, villages and towns. Our five-day expeditions include exploring sacred ruins, learning their history, conducting ancient cermonies, meeting indiginous tribes, and ejoying the culinary and shopping opportunities offered by local villages and towns.

To learn more about schedules, costs and availability, please send us a request via the contact form below. (Note: Expeditions are booked based on demand rather than on pre-determined dates. We use a waiting list to determine when we offer our adventures and collaborate with our clients on the best dates to book them.)

San Miguel de Allende Three-Day “Sacred Time Excursion”
Join your retreat host and expedition guide, Val Jon Farris along with a small group of like-minded travelers as we explore some of Mexico’s most sacred sites in and around the beautiful town of San Miguel de Allende, (one of Conde Nast’s top-rated UNESCO World Heritage destinations).

To celebrate the opening of our Axis Mundi Retreat Center in early 2021, Val Jon will host a very special three-day Sacred Time Excursion. (“Sacred Time” is an extraordinary departure from normal time. To grasp it, recall experiencing a timeless moment in which you both lost yourself and found yourself, in an extended moment of bliss. Now imagine being able to call it forth at will.) For more information, click here.

Central Mexico’s Tula, Toltec Giants and Deep Cave Exploration 
Embark on yet another exotic destination, Central Mexico and Tula, where the “Toltec Giants” stand sentry over the ancient spiritual site. After exploring these extraordinary ruins travel North to the Caves of Cacahuamilpa (Grutas de Cacahuamilpa) which are some of the world’s largest. Venture deep into the Earth where massive stalagmites and stalactites create an other-worldly experience.

Exploring The Ancient Mayan Empire
This expedition includes exploring five sacred sites located across the Northern Yucatan Peninsula.  Additionally, we will spend a day diving into underground lakes called “Cenotes,” sacred bodies of water considered by the Maya to be “gateways into the spirit world.”
Click here for details about this adventure!

Inca Ruins and Sacred Valley River Rafting Expedition
Explore the “crowning jewel” of the Urumbamba Valley, the mysterious ruins of Machu Picchu. Then climb to the summit of Wayna Picchu (2,500 feet above Machu Picchu) and take in the breath-taking “condor’s view” of the Andes. Prior to returning to the town of Cusco, Peru white water raft down the Urumbamba River, (the sacred “cosmological” river of the Incas.) Finally, visit the massive ruins of “Sacsayhuaman.”

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