Our TWS Founational Book Set

“This book changed my life! It will change yours too.”

Mindy Brundige

“So Powerful.”

Brandy Faith Weld

“A passport to one’s own true self.”

Nola Conn

“A brilliant book by a brilliant human being.”

John Thompson

Volume 1:
This first book in the series is designed for practitioners, facilitators, and leaders in the personal-growth movement. The content is advanced and best-suited for discerning individuals who are familiar with the world of self-development. Just as the topography of the outer world is made up of a diverse physical landscape, the “inner world” of the human psyche is composed of a vast array of emotional terrain. “Traveling within” is not for beginners as it requires intense curiosity, profound humility, and great courage. In Volume 1, we explore the first half of the “AwarenesSphere,” a roadmap for our spiritual evolution that is genetically encoded into our DNA. This profound inner navigation system guides us through our biggest life challenges and on to our highest nature and wisest self.

Volume 2:
This second book in the series is for those who have read Volume 1 and completed the inner work outlined in “Emergence” and “Presence,” the first two Stages of the “AwarenesSphere.” In Volume 2, we continue our journey into the remaining two Stages of “Transcendence” and “Essence” and on to the extraordinary reality of the “Beyond.” Travelers Within is for seasoned seekers, those who recognize the importance of elevating their personal-growth and deepening their spiritual attunement.

Val Jon Farris is an award-winning author and leadership consultant to Fortune 100’s. For over thirty years he has championed large-scale workforce transformations for international leaders and global change-agents. Val Jon is also a life coach mentor, expedition guide and published author. His first book, Inca Fire! Light of the Masters won first place in the “IP 2000” Independent Publisher Award for most inspiring self-help book. Val Jon is a popular television and radio guest and is well-known for his anecdotal style and unique approach to personal growth.

WOW! What a journey and an adventure. Not a rollercoaster for the faint at heart for sure. But if you can find the courage it will be the best ride of your life. Anna Soloman

I work with small groups, with individuals and as a speaker in various events. What I love about Val Jon’s work is how I can draw upon it for my own coaching practice. – Marsha J. Orr

This book took me on an incredible journey of in-depth passages towards healing. The author’s examples from his own life provided signposts into the pathway of truly experiencing understanding and forgiveness and of what it means to live from a place of intention towards emotional responsibility and therefore, a responsibility to love. I highly recommend this book if you are ready to travel into the depths of being human with the commitment to what it means to heal and be whole. 
Allison B.

I have to admit, I was a bit of a skeptic, but I am grateful I completed the journey of “Travelers Within.” Have you ever wondered why you are the way you are? Why you react, or don’t react, to certain situations or people? Do you hear your mother or father’s voice and words come out of your own mouth and think, “Why did THAT happen?!” Read this book and start a journey to answer your own questions. It’s fun, it’s healing, it’s educational, it’s informational. It will appeal to people of all beliefs and should offend no one. The author’s own openness about his life’s experiences make each Chapter a compelling read. – Mindy Brundige

This book and author are incredibly insightful and thought-provoking. This is a read not to be taken lightly. He provokes you to read a bit… then ponder… read a bit…. then ponder. But in an inspirational way. For anyone on a spiritual journey, I highly recommend this book. And for anyone looking to be enlightened, I highly recommend this book. – Tara Schafer

I’ve been reading self-improvement books and diving into my psyche since the 1980s. Each pass through leads me deeper into personal transformation. This book series helped me move into the next, and very necessary phase of my life, by seeing my own journey through the author’s adventures of discovery.
Margaret Futerer

This is a book of wisdom that will offer new insights each time you read it. The remarkable case studies and author’s anecdotal stories validate and illuminate the way for the reader. This is a thoughtful and compassionate book that is designed to create profound, personal changes. Ken Elliot

Mr. Farris takes us on a journey of awareness and meta-discovery that is profound to our core. Its self-described ‘deep dive’ is to the multi-dimensions of who You are. Human, meta-human, spiritual, sublime. Based on his lifetime of studying, teaching and inner exploration, he allows the reader to access places little-known and rarely travelled. It is, in all ways, a fascinating trip. – Andrea G.