Spirit Salon With Val Jon Farris – June 26


“Traveling Within” Using The AwarenesSphere Model

Hello, Val Jon Farris here. I’m looking forward to being with you on June 26. Deborah has been kind enough to invite me to come and share with you about “Traveling Within.” I’ve prepared this pre-session information as a way to maximize the contribution we will make to one another. Traveling Within is based on what I call the AwarenesSphere Model. I developed this structural guide over thirty years while facilitating hundreds of personal-growth workshops and corporate programs. What follows is a first look at the model and its general aspects. I invite you to explore the material I’ve prepared for you before we meet so we can deepen our journey together.

Just as we have an outer world composed of a myriad of physical and geological landscapes, we also possess an inner world (called the “psyche”) comprised of a vast array of emotional and cognitive terrain. And much like having two legs and feet is essential for us to walk, learning to navigate the outer and inner worlds is an essential practice for all life travelers. Why? Because while it’s quite easy to lose our way in unfamiliar outer surroundings, by not knowing how to navigate within, we risk losing our essential self, a much bigger loss.

The purpose of Traveling Within is not about reaching a specific destination, but rather about empowering us as life travelers to engage in an ever-evolving process of human and spiritual development. The model outlined below serves as a powerful “inner roadmap” that many life travelers use for purposes of guided explorations and discovering higher dimensions of who we are and what we are capable of.

The “Awareness” part of the title refers to our higher faculties of self-reflection, self-awareness, and sacred sovereignty. Gaining access to these elevated faculties exponentially enhances the quality of our lives, and among many other outcomes, strengthens our resilience and deepens our sense of joy, gratitude, and inner peace. The “Sphere” portion of the title pertains to two key characteristics. The first is that the inner terrain of the human psyche is dimensional rather than linear. What this means is that while the stages and phases outlined in my model are presented in a flat and linear fashion, the development of our consciousness is anything but flat and linear. Just as unexpected leaps in genetic advancement occur within Darwin’s Evolution of the Species, similar exponential leaps occur within the development of our consciousness.

For purposes of this short introduction, we will review only the four stages of the model and leave their twelve phases for another time. To highlight the relevance of each stage, I will give some examples of the personal behaviors and larger social trends that arise from them. (Note: The stages and phases are organized within the DNA structuring of Telomeres, genetic encoding responsible for our physical and biological evolution.)

Emergence (in red) is when and where our identity initially forms, develops, and solidifies into our lifelong personality and predictable sense of self. This first stage is wrought with survival issues, infantile narcissisms, and unresolved childhood traumas that fuel victim thinking, tantrums, blame, shame, denial, and the need for protection and control. At the social level, Emergence manifests as a tendency to isolate, a susceptibility to fear and compliance with (or acting out against) authority, gullibility and apathy, and the persistence of selfish agendas and prejudices that produce unnecessary conflict, pain, and suffering on a personal and global scale.

Presence is the second evolutionary stage of consciousness in which curiosity and insight replace complacency and emergency. While a higher state than Emergence, our faculty of self-awareness is not yet fully developed at this point and much of our attention is on ourselves and our personal needs and development process. During this stage, we become “present” to ourselves in such a way as to begin the journey of looking within. This initial introspection process enables us to elevate our faculty of self-awareness and discover and work through counterproductive behavior patterns interwoven into our identity during our first five years of life.

The individual behaviors that emerge from Presence are greater personal responsibility for our actions and lives, a sense of inner balance, peace, and authenticity, and an elevated capacity to be present to the full spectrum of experiences arising from the outer and inner worlds. At a social level, Presence manifests as a willingness to be more transparent and authentic with others about what we need and want, as well as to be more considerate and tolerant of the challenges, needs, and wants of others.

Transcendence is the third stage of consciousness in which who we know ourselves to be expands beyond the confines of our familiar identity. Maslow was the first to introduce self-transcendence as the missing sixth level in his Hierarchy of Needs pyramid. This little-known evolutionary process is about surrendering our separate notions of presence up to a larger context of being; one in which we still have an ego-based identity but also experience ourselves beyond the limits of our known self and its predictable five senses. One way of understanding Transcendence is that rather than being a liberation of the self, it is a liberation from the self.

The individual behaviors that arise from Transcendence are a heightened awareness of our interconnectedness with others, Nature, and humanity as a whole, and a profound sense that life is living through us rather than us living our own separate life. At a social level, Transcendence manifests as an acceptance and honoring not only of our similarities with others but of our differences from them. This expansion of consciousness results in a greater willingness to both give and receive support, engage in higher-level community-based collaborative activities, and share in the challenges and rewards of working and living in harmony with others.

Essence is the fourth stage in which our consciousness evolves into a living devotion to do no harm in the world and to be of benevolent service to others by assisting them with their own inner journeys. Our “essence” can be understood as an energetic presence of being that derives its power and capabilities from omnipotent sources; not necessarily spiritual or divine sources but from universal origins far greater in magnitude than what our individual will is capable of producing.

Because Essence is beyond the current consciousness level of most of us, (myself included) it’s difficult to articulate the individual and social behaviors it produces. Having personally spent time with sages, masters, and global leaders over the years, however, I can honestly report that when we evolve into our deepest and highest Essence, we embrace a kind of illuminated selflessness that is profoundly palpable. Not only is the energy of love exponentially elevated, but the clarity of truth is also magnified to a level far beyond conventional norms. These remarkable individuals make a profound impact on our lives and we come away from engaging with them knowing our self refreshingly beyond the limits of the self we have come to know. See you on the 26th! ~ Val Jon

Val Jon Farris is an award-winning author, leadership development expert, and personal growth practitioner. He has delivered programs to over forty thousand people in both the corporate and public sectors and served as a senior advisor to top-tier executives and global thought leaders such as Sir Richard Branson. Val Jon is well-known for his warm anecdotal style and insight into human nature and higher consciousness. His second book, Travelers Within is available at: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07XF7WJMV 

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