Greetings to you all and Happy New Year. 2021 has arrived, and along with it an extraordinary new wave of collaboration between some of the world’s most experienced transformational leaders. The collaboration is called “Connect Universe” and its mission is to help facilitate a more understanding, compassionate and caring world through reaching (and inspiring) a billion people by 2031. In addition to taking on the role of Chief Strategic Architect for this fledgling movement, I’m continuing to pioneer my own “Travelers Within” work which shares exactly same intent, but with a focus on facilitating the next level of growth for those who are well-experienced in the inner journey of transformation and transcendence. This next level of work crosses the threshold of personal growth and ventures into the deeper and vaster domain of what I call “Universal Wisdom.” Let’s dive in! ~ Val Jon

The Universe is a very big place . . . much bigger than we human beings can possibly imagine. But for those Beings who realize they just happen to be Human and have reconnected with their cosmological origins, not only can the Universe and its infinite wisdom be imagined, it can be accessed and integrated into our daily lives. This “reconnection” is a kind of omnipotent reunion between the finite and the infinite, a “home-coming” that enables us to venture beyond our five senses and access a very special kind of knowingness that transcends our individual ego-self and taps into our interconnected higher-Self or “SupraSelf” as I call it. (See my Huffington Post article for more info.) Here’s the link: )

Anyone who has investigated the star-gazing practices of the Egyptians, Essenes, Druids, and ancient Mesoamerican civilizations knows that the celestial observations they engaged in extended far beyond synchronizing planting cycles, predicting seasonal weather, and perfecting astrological forecasting. This realm beyond conventional investigation is what the Maya, Aztecs and Toltecs call “Sacred Time,” a transcendence from our normal time-based reality and reconnection with the timelessness of the cosmos, and with the fourteen billion years of wisdom residing within its infinite expanse.

The Cosmogenesis Mirror
For the ancients, the Universe was a vast omnipotent mirror that reflected back to them the deepest and highest aspects of their finite human nature as well as the hidden workings of life’s evolutionary processes. (The term for this is “Cosmogenesis” which was first postulated by Jesuit Priest, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.)

This universal reflection was understood to be an infinite extension of the human body, mind, heart, and soul. (When I say “soul” what I mean by the word is far different from its mainstream interpretation.) For most shamans of antiquity, the soul was not a religious artifact requiring salvation, or even a spiritual entity representing the promise of identity persistence, but rather an infinite presence that served as a “cosmic mirror” or portal for acquiring greater human understanding and spiritual inspiration.

As we launch into deep space now, allow me to share a few down to earth examples with you that illuminate how you can practically apply this Universal Wisdom. While it may not be immediately apparent what the cosmos could possibly have to teach us, upon deeper investigation, the value of reconnecting, I believe, will soon become crystal clear. (I say “reconnecting” rather than “connecting” because I believe we all possess an innate linkage with the Universe that has for the most part been forgotten by “modern civilization.”) The two examples below just barely scratch the surface of the Univers-ity of valuable self-development distinctions, sacred energies, and higher-awareness insights available to those who are willing to venture into the unknown.

The Gravity-Affinity Connection
Much like love and affinity is a powerful attractive force for us humans, gravity is its universal counterpart acting as the great cosmological attractor. The force of gravity is what brings together, and holds together all the stars, planets, moons, and other celestial objects residing within the expanse of space. The billions of spiral galaxies, (and meta-billions of solar systems within them) are an irrefutable testament to the “gravity of love” in action. The Universe has been loving this way for nearly 14 billion years . . . so doesn’t it make sense that we galactic newcomers might have something to learn from all those eons of experience?

One of the key lessons with this first correlation is about establishing healthy boundaries in our personal and intimate relationships. Take a look at the image here and notice how the balance between gravity and momentum keeps the Moon in a healthy orbit around our Earth? The same is so for our relationships. If we err on the side of moving too fast, show up as emotionally distant or guarded, just like the Moon would fly out of its orbit around our planet, we too can end up alone in deep space without the partner we thought was our “heavenly match.” On the other hand, if we become too attached or excessively needy, we end up pushing our mate away, or spiraling into them and crashing into fragments of dysfunctional codependence.

The Solar-Sovereignty Connection
Every star that burns brightly within the heavens is a stellar testament to the power of self-reliance and personal sovereignty. From where does every Sun shining within the vastness of the cosmos get its power and inspiration to persist? From within. The alchemy of stellar nucleosynthesis, (otherwise known as “fusion,” the combining of two atoms of hydrogen into one atom of helium is a transformative process that yields massive amounts of heat and light). This self-reliant and self-contained transformation is a revelation for those who grasp this vital cosmological-human correlation.

In terms of a takeaway, our Sun doesn’t keep shining because of what it receives outside of itself. It sustains its presence by utilizing the resources existing within itself. This is a powerful demonstration of personal sovereignty in action. You will never find a star that is dependent upon its external circumstances to keep shining . . . in fact, our Sun shines into a total and complete vacuum. It doesn’t require recognition, validation, or any form of encouragement whatsoever as it is completely autonomous. Let us adopt this powerful transformative process so we can become as sovereign as the stars!

Each of us is in our own evolutionary process is either out of touch with our personal sovereignty, realize its importance but haven’t fully embraced it, or are operating with a substantial measure of it in our daily lives. Up-leveling our self-reliance capabilities requires releasing our need for external approval and the trappings of indoctrination we were born into and raised with. It also requires that we “travel within” and discover and embrace the “alchemic fusion” dwelling within our deeper core essence. This process goes beyond conventional “Transformational” work and entails what I call a “Transmigration of Self,” which can be accomplished under very specific, wisely orchestrated, and universally aligned methods and practices.

For more information about these and other universal principles, feel free to explore our retreat programs page here and consider reading my book, Travelers Within: Journeys Into Being Human and Beyond. Also, feel free to share this article with others and post your comments on our blog page here so other members of our TWS community can benefit and respond. Blessings to you and I look forward to connecting with you again soon as we have an exciting universally inspired movement forming! ~ Val Jon