The ARISE Experience is an extraordinary two-day journey into the grace and power of living in harmony with the movement of Spirit. This program is for the most seasoned of life travelers, those who have devoted themselves to serving others and developing their spiritual maturity as well as their authentic humanity. This two-day program (April 25/26, 2015) delves deeply into the heart of our humanity and arises high into the soul of our divinity. Those who realize this heart and soul exists as one single presence will absolutely resonate with this program. The ARISE Experience is composed of five areas of exploration and development. They are:

(A) cknowledging and honoring our lives of contribution and connection with Spirit.
(R) eflecting within, clearing any ego limitations and opening to new ways of being.
(I) nvestigating and gaining access to the greater “SupraSelf” dwelling within us all.
(S) anctifying all our humanly divine aspects and leveraging them into acts of giving.
(E) ngaging with others, clarifying and aligning on a specific dharma path of service.

(A) cknowledging and honor our lives of contribution and connection with Spirit. (Introspection)
We will take time up-front to honor the remarkable souls gathered together for this ground-breaking event. Each attendee is encouraged to share their life journey and the sacredness of their path and unique spiritual connection. Everyone will also have an opportunity to engage in a small group process of introspection and identify new areas of growth and development they wish to explore and arise into. This up-front engagement is an opportunity to be recognized and known by others, and to have others experience being known, honored and loved. It also sets the stage for each attendee to have the freedom to choose their own areas of development and the path they wish to take to arise into it.
(R) eflecting within, clearing any ego limitations and opening to new ways of being. (Liberation)
This facet of ARISE is about reflecting on, identifying and freeing ourselves up from recurring unwanted dynamics or ego-patterns, such as the need for control or credit, domination by fear, or the traps of blame, avoidance, shame, guilt and self-doubt. These ego limitations obscure our access to our higher spiritual self and trigger us to repeat detrimental patterns of behavior within ourselves and in our relationships with others. Liberation from such ego limitations is attained by locating their origins and “unhooking” from the unconscious emotional material holding them in place. Once released, we are no longer encumbered by them and the power of Spirit is free to move through us and out into the bounty of our lives.
(I) nvestigating and gaining access to the greater “SupraSelf” dwelling within us all. (Integration)
The SupraSelf is a highly self-aware aspect of our humanly-divine nature that exists within the core of our being. Integrating with our greater Self is accomplished by distinguishing between Who we are and What we are, or What we have, (or in some cases do not have). Attaining this clarity is accomplished through meditation, Tai Chi, Yoga, and other disciplines as well as intentionally identifying and releasing unexamined assumptions about our true nature. The SupraSelf possesses many virtues and capabilities, but one that stands out is the ability to be aware of its own awareness as well as its capacity to function above and beyond the circumstances of our daily lives that tend to diminish our aliveness.
(S) anctifying all our humanly divine aspects and leveraging them into acts of giving. (Declaration)
Engage in a “self-acceptance process” in which we bless the many diverse aspects of who we are, from our most human and authentic presence, to the most divine and sacred virtues of our spiritual nature. Through guided meditation and by illuminating our entire continuum from human to divine we are empowered to choose the most influential virtues of self residing within us and use them to bring about greater presence, compassion, and intentionality in our lives. Through an inspiring “declaration process” we bring forth our greatest and highest self. Having our declarations witnessed by others affirms who we are, activates our presence and inspires us to engage in our greatest life’s work.
(E) ngaging with others, clarifying, aligning on a specific dharma path of service. (Contribution)
Bringing all five aspects of ARISE together, we engage in clarifying our unique dharma path by balancing our human needs with our aspirations of spiritual service. Through small group sharing, exercises and collaboration we participate in a discovery process of identifying our specific path of contribution and align on how we will realize it. The result of this process is a solid grounding and foundation from which to move in alignment with the action of Spirit within us. We make real our dharma path and align on it  in a way that is both personally fulfilling and of the greatest contribution to others and to the world as a whole.
Val Jon Farris and Elizabeth (Eli) Davidson are two inspired world-class professionals who work together in sacred harmony. They are well-known for their collective warmth and devotion to being authentic and of the greatest service to all those they have the privilege of working with and knowing.

Val Jon was born in Oakland, California and as a young man was mentored by Buckminster Fuller, Swami Muktananda and Zen Master Roshi Mumon Yamada. This rare privilege set in motion a future path for Val Jon to mentor thousands of Fortune 50 executives, country leaders, professionals and entrepreneurs in the area of “human greatness” and leadership development. He is a well-respected  workshop leader and has facilitated hundreds of courses over a thirty-year span. Currently, companies such as Oracle and HCI sponsor Val Jon to lead leadership programs for L&D,and OD and HR Executives from a wide range of companies. He is a featured columnist for The Huffington Post and on the Mentor Team for Sir Richard Branson’s XTC Academy, which empowers visionary entrepreneurs the world over.

Elizabeth was born in Kansas City, Missouri and is a rapid business growth expert who has mentored and taught professionals from around the world. She takes a powerful stand for women entrepreneurs and has personally coached hundreds of women business owners from every continent. Her renowned “turnaround techniques” have been featured on The Today Show, Dr. Phil’s Decision House, SELF Magazine, New York Times, the Huffington Post and CNN in 134 Nations. Her clients include Women Inc. 500 CEOs, Emmy, Grammy, Oscar winners as well as many A list celebrities. Joan and Melissa Rivers filmed breakthroughs with Elizabeth on their show, Joan Knows Best. Elizabeth is on Sir Richard Branson’s Advisory Counsel for the XTC Academy, empowering and developing visionary entrepreneurs the world over. 

The next scheduled ARISE Experience is to be scheduled. Hours are 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM each day. Breakfast and lunch are included in the tuition. Attendees must however book their own accommodations.

The ARISE Experience is a By Invitation or Application Only event. The two-day program investment is $1,750 per person or $3,000 per couple. A portion of the revenue will be donated to charity. (Stay tuned for our charity partner announcement.)

The next  ARISE Experience is being held at the Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel, Classic Hollywood Glamour. Decorated by famed interior designer Mary McDonald, the 162 guestrooms and suites at our Bel Air hotel retain simple elegance while featuring the latest in comfortable amenities for your stay. Relax on plush designer linens and deluxe feather comforters while you recount a day spent in exciting Los Angeles. (Click here to visit their website.)

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