“Adopt A Restaurant SMA” is a volunteer program established by the San Miguel de Allende community as a way to provide love, care and support to the restaurants and staff in our town during this challenging time. The establishments listed below are making their wonderful food available for home delivery to our community.

Select the restaurant of your choice and click on their staff photo to see their menu and to place your order.

This effort to help our struggling restaurantres and staff is the least we can do to offer our support during this pandemic. Please share this program and link with everyone you know!
Together, there is nothing we cannot overcome!

We created Casa Nostra to invite people to our house to create a new culinary experience that feels like at home with dishes from my roots of Italy, France and Switzerland with as much as possible local and organic ingredients amended by the love and soul of Mexico. We believe in giving back to community and have been supporting different NGOs like Cali a school for young adults with down syndrome, the school of the deaf run by John and Sharon, Casa Linda and others. It has become very difficult to come to our restaurant under the current circumstances, so we offer you that at least our dishes can come to your home until we can reunite at Casa Nostra. Your support means a lot to us as it will help to keep as many of our colleagues as possible and with it helping them to support their families!

Sample restaurant description text placed here. Three or four sentences describing the restaurant and the kind of food offered. Plus information on which food time (breakfast, lunch, dinner) is provided.

Ejemplo de texto de descripción del restaurante colocado aquí. Tres o cuatro oraciones que describen el restaurante y el tipo de comida que se ofrece. Además de información sobre qué hora de la comida (desayuno, almuerzo, cena) se proporciona.