Radical Cancer Cure Experiment

Hello to you, my name is Val Jon Farris and I’d like to invite you to learn about what I call the “Radical Cancer Cure Experiment.” It is my honor to share my experimental healing process with you and I hope you find the information I post valuable.  I encourage you to share this information with anyone who has cancer or any other challenging disease as I believe it will help them to achieve optimal health. Being vulnerable and sharing my health challenges openly in order to make a contribution is more important to me than playing it safe.  I find that my deeper convictions and best attributes tend to emerge in the absence of my ego.  Also, because of many years as a workshop facilitator and life coach I lean towards transparency which I believe supports making a difference, so here we go . . . My “experiment” is to see if I can heal myself of cancer without engaging in Mainstream medicine’s brutal radiation and chemotherapy treatments.  I say “brutal” because I believe these violent treatments often inflict greater damage to the body than cancer does.  Reviewing the litany of common side effects one would think patients had been exposed to Mustard Gas, (which is what Chemotherapy is derived from.)  (Data Source)

Mainstream cancer treatments are also brutally ineffective in that survival rates of patients whose cancer has metastasized, (spread to other parts of the body) is less than 2%.  Not only are these statistics dismal, but patient life expectancy rarely exceeds five years making a cure essentially unattainable for most.  (Data Source)  

My Cancer Diagnosis and Choices To Date: In March of this year I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer and while the news was a shock, I’d been struggling with the symptoms of an enlarged prostate for almost a decade so I knew something wasn’t right in my body.  What I didn’t know was that the cancer had overtaken my prostate.  My pre-op biopsy indicated the cancer was still contained within my prostate’s “shell” and according to my surgeon, removing could render me “cancer free.”  (While it was reassuring to thinkI might be cured of cancer through surgery, my research on the subject suggested that the disease is rarely isolated to just a single location in the body.)

In April I made the choice to have my prostate removed and while the operation was a “success,” the post-op pathology report confirmed I had “Stage 2, Gleason Score 7” cancer.  It also revealed a residual PSA reading of “0.07ng/ml” which suggested that the cancer was still present in my body after the prostate had been removed.  (A PSA reading of “0.02ng/ml” is normal after prostate surgery whereas readings above “0.1ng/ml” suggest that cancer may have spread beyond the confines of the diseased organ.)  My PSA reading was closer to abnormal than normal. Rather than undergoing chemotherapy I chose to create my own radical Cancer Curing Practice, one I believe will fully heal me and return me to optimal health.  The experiment is a risk, but it’s one I’m willing to take given the brutal mainstream options.  (Note: While prostate cancer is one of the least deadly forms of the disease, it’s nothing to downplay as the 5-year survival rate is only 30% once it has metastasized.)  Also, prostate cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in men in the United States; it’s estimated that nearly 30,000 deaths will occur this year. (Data Source)

Mainstream VS “Alternative” Treatment Approaches: There is much controversy about the best treatment approach for cancer.  Predictably, Mainstream medicine claims that Alternative approaches are “quackery” and that there are no credible treatment options other than chemotherapy, hormone and radiation therapy.  On the other hand, the Alternative medicine community is quick to demonize Mainstream medicine claiming that patients are being bilked, compromised and killed and that natural cancer cures are a reality for those who are willing to explore them.  Making such a crucial decision about which approach to take can be unnerving, but I found that the Alternative approach was right for me and here’s why. Rather than basing my choice on specific treatment differences or survivability statistics, the first thing I considered was the underlying philosophies of the two approaches. 

Mainstream medicine purports that cancer is a Genetic Mutation which causes DNA damage and that we have no control over the process.  Essentially, the assertion is that cancer is a random condition that invades a healthy body and the only responsibility the host has in the matter is to follow their doctor’s orders by submitting to Mainstream treatment protocols. Alternative medicine’s philosophy on the other hand is that cancer is a Systemic Condition arising from a compromised immune system, which we as the hosts are responsible for based on our lifestyle choices.  The assertion is that cancer exists in all of us and that it grows out of control only when the body’s natural defenses have been compromised.  Additionally, rather than viewing cancer as an enemy, the Alternative approach is to work with the cancer in harmonious ways that bring about a natural and nurturing healing process.  Which of these two approaches would you choose if you were faced with cancer?

My Choice, Philosophy And Daily Practices: I chose the Alternative approach to healing myself.  And while it may seem radical, rather than fighting cancer, I’m resolved to be in harmony with it and even in gratitude for its presence.  In other words, I choose to view cancer as a kind of “wellness messenger,” Nature’s way of letting me know that I need to make some lifestyle changes that will ensure my ongoing well-being.  The Alternative approach to healing is worlds apart from considering cancer as an enemy that must be feared, battled with and eradicated. My choice was also radical because it relies on “Nature’s nurturance” rather than on “Man’s mandates.”  When we follow Nature’s lead and honor her wisdom I believe she provides us with everything we need to heal ourselves without relying on drastic interventions or medical saviors to do it for us.  It’s also radical because the Alternative approach extends beyond societal norms in that it’s made up of three controversial practices;

1) A spiritual approach in terms of maintaining a harmonious Mindset of Gratitude;

2) A Super-Nutritional vegan diet that revitalizes the body and;

3) An intense Daily Cleanse and detox protocol to restore optimal organ functionality.

The steps I’ve outline in my practice are designed to strengthen the immune system, revitalize the body’s cellular functions and rejuvinate the vital organs.  I whole-heartedly believe my three disciplines of Mindset, Nutrition and Cleansing will produce a radical yet natural healing process for me, one that will return me to optimal well-being.  

For a detailed overview of my cancer curing practice and how my three disciplines are integrated on a daily basis click this link.  (This document contains a vast amount of valuable information that ANYONE can use.)  Note: It goes without saying that anyone serious about optimizing their well-being must discontinue the use of tobacco, alchohol, non-prescribe drugs of all kinds, marijauna and with their doctors advice, prescribed medications that toxify the liver, (which is just about all synthesized medications).

Three Reasons Why My Experiment Is Worth Following: 1. The trend of escalating cancer statistics is a concern for all of us.  In just 50 years the statistics have skyrocketed from 1 out of every 10, to 1 out of every 2.5 people being diagnosed with cancer, (roughly 40%).  This means that either you or your spouse, or someone in your immediate family will be diagnosed with some form of cancer within your lifetime.  (Data Source) 2. Mainstream medicine is not “winning the war on cancer.” Quite the contrary, at best the statistics are dismal in that 95% of all terminal cancer patients die before or soon after they complete their treatments. At best Mainstream interventions delay death, and at worst they actually accelerate it.  Anyone concerned about cancer owes it to themselves to research Alternative healing approaches such as mine.  (Data Source) 3. Gaining first-hand experience by observing my experimental efforts will assist you in making choices about your own wellness or healing path, or your future path should you or your loved one’s ever face having cancer. There are very few, if any real-time experiments like this that offer such a vulnerable glimpse into someone’s healing journey.

Experiment Timeframe And My Well-Being Goals: My “Radical Cancer Cure Experiment” will go from May, 2018 to May, 2019, one full year.  Within this twelve month window I will have documented numerous statistics that will shed light on my healing process.  Blood screening tests such as the PSA, (Prostate Specific Antigen), AMAS, (Anti-Malignin Antibody In Serum) and the HRB, (High Resolution Blood Analysis) will offer vital stats for my experiment results. To be clear, if by next May my PSA reading is greater than “0.2 ng/mL” and it’s risen on two separate tests taken at least two weeks apart, it’s called a biochemical relapse, which means I will still have cancer in my bloodstream and body. My goal is to be cancer free and in optimal health by May of 2019.  Through engaging in my daily Cancer Curing Practice there will be no residual cancer left in my bloodstream or body, (a PSA of “0.00ng/ml”) and my immune system will be completely revitalized.  I will be happy, healthy and fully engaged in living life to the fullest.  Amen!

Reporting On My Progress And Posting Updates:
I will report below on the progress of my experiment on a monthly basis.  Each month I’ll share my findings, my personal experience of wellness, health challenges and of course my pH readings and blood screening test results.  Here’s a rundown on what’s transpired so far:

March, 2018 – My biopsy revealed advanced prostate cancer, Stage 2 with a Gleason score of 7.  (A Gleason score of 8 indicates cancer has most likely metastasized to other parts of the body).  The biopsy revealed that both halves of my prostate gland were diseased with cancer cells.

April, 2018 – My prostate was surgically removed with follow-up pathology reports and bloodwork that indicated cancer cells were still present in my system, (my bloodwork PSA reading was “0.07ng/ml”).  This month was totally dedicated to healing from my surgery as there was a great deal of discomfort and pain associated with it.  I’ll officially begin the experiment next month, the beginning of May.

May, 2018 – The 1st of this month I began my “Experiment” by rejecting Mainstream treatment and pioneering a self-administered, all-natural Alternative healing practice.  I’m still recovering from my surgery but I’m implementing the first component of my Cancer Curing Practice, the Mindset of Gratitude. While pain is not an easy thing to be thankful for, I’m dedicated to living true to what I call “Radical Gratitude.” (It’s just a good thing I don’t have to “like” it however.)  I also began working on my three Nutrition steps by no longer consuming processed or pre-packaged foods.  (Even those that claim to be “organic” or “all natural” often contain salt, sugar, fat and harmful preservatives.)

Changes I Notice: I can’t tell if my diet change has had any physical effects yet because I’m still distracted with the healing process from my recent surgery.  I can still feel the medications in my system, a kind of heavy draining sensation and disconnection with my body, balance and reflexes. I will begin my intense cleansing and detoxing in a few weeks which should help.  I can definitely report that my practice of Gratitude has made a difference in my attitude and moods, as I’m more enthusiastic and motivated to engage with the practices I’ve outlined.

June, 2018 – I’m two months into my experiment now and my pH reading increased from 6.0, extremely acidic (in which cancer flourishes) to 7.0, borderline alkaline, (in which cancer cells begin to struggle).  This is the first indication that my experiment is working!  This month, in addition to not consuming any processed or pre-packaged foods, I stopped eating foods containing salt, sugar and oil.  It’s a BIG change for me but I’m finding there are ample foods that meet my nutritional needs.  This month I also began engaging in Cleansing, the third component of my practice. 

Changes I Notice: In just over two months I’m getting used to foods without sugar, salt and oil.  I can actually TASTE the nuances of different foods now and it’s quite an eye-opener, everything has a distinct flavor.  While I still struggle some with “bland” flavors I’ve changed my Mindset from food being “pleasurable” to food being “medicine.” This shift has helped me greatly in dealing with my taste bud disappointments. Physically, now that I’m mostly healed from my surgery and in full-swing with my Cleansing practice, I notice I have more energy, greater connection with my body, less inflammation, I’m sleeping soundly at night and the usual aches and pains in my body have diminished from a “6” to a “3.”  These are very encouraging results wouldn’t you say?

July, 2018 – After two and a half months of working my Practice, my pH reading is now a solid 7.5.  I’m officially alkaline!  This is really good news as cancer does not thrive in an alkaline environment.  In terms of Nutrition, in addition to my existing healthful diet practices, this month I also stopped eating all dairy products, (except for a small amount of natural yogurt).  This is another BIG change as I LOVE cheese, sour cream and all things creamy, but it’s well worth the sacrifice given the encouraging results I’m experiencing.

Changes I Notice: I don’t miss sugar, salt, oil and dairy any longer and I’ve adjusted my taste buds to the Mindset of “food is medicine.”  My energy level continues to improve weekly, (I’m now walking fast 30 minutes per day and am no longer winded).  Since starting the coffee enemas last month I notice I feel “clean” inside, I no longer get headaches, my body’s aches and pains level has dropped from a “3” to a solid “2.” and I’ve become very regular in my bowel movements.  The massive infusion of drugs pumped into my body prior to, during and after my surgery have finally been expelled and I feel much more vibrant and responsive.  I’m sure I will have more encouraging results next month so stay tuned.

August, 2018 – I have some extraordinary news to share with you.  After just 3 MONTHS of working my cancer cure experiment, my PSA blood test revealed a TENFOLD decrease in cancer antigens.  I am OFFICIALLY IN REMISSION!  (The antigen reading for remission is “0.005ng/ml”.  My reading 3 months ago was “0.07ng/ml” and my reading this week was “0.004ng/ml” so I am just under the wire by “0.001ng/ml”.)  I’m not fully cured yet but if I can produce this kind of result in just three months, I’m certain I can reach my goal of “0.000ng/ml” antigens in another 9 months.  

Changes I Notice: In addition to feeling fantastic about my results I can report that my body is as lean as it has ever been (in a good way), my energy level is that of a 30 year old, my physical aches and pains have decreased dramatically, (unless I overdo it . . . which I tend to do), I am completely off all medications and drugs of any kind, and my attitude, as you can imagine is vibrantly positive.  What an extraordinary testimonial to the healing powers of Mother Nature this experiment is.  I’m in deep gratitude to her and I thank you very much for your love, care and support!   Please, if you know ANYONE struggling with cancer or other life-challenging diseases, please share this website link with them: http://www.travelerswithin.com/experiment/ I am honored to be of contribution and service, it makes sharing my vulnerabilities and challenges openly and honestly totally worth it. My life is truly an extraordinary adventure!  Blessings and Be Well, Val Jon

September, 2018: I’ve now been engaged in my cancer cure experiment for a little over 4 months and I must say that I’m truly inspired by the positive results I’m experiencing with respect to my physical and emotional well-being.  Last month I had the good news that I went into remission, and so far this month that promising result remains solid.  While I’ve not reduced the antigen count down from its low of “0.04 ng/ml,” I suspect I’ve hit a low threshold that will take a while longer to overcome.   My pH (alkalinity level) remains between “7.0” and “7.5” just where it needs to be to eliminate further cancer growth in my body as the healthy threshold is “7.35.”  (My “7.0” reading is because I’ve been going out to dinner more often and swaying from the strict dietary plan a bit.)  I’ve chosen to increase my gluten-free carb intake slightly and am consuming salads that contain a small amount of oil.  If my pH doesn’t stabilize above “7.35” this month I’ll return to a more rigorous dietary plan. 

Changes I Notice: My energy level continues to increase weekly and I feel more energized than I have in years!  I have zero inflammation in my body and my general pain level remains extremely low, (other than when I overdo it with physical activities).  I can tell my body is vibrant, clean and healthy and I’ve never in all my life had such a positive and nurturing relationship with my internal organs.  (I know that sounds a bit odd but it is quite astounding how well my system responds to my daily love and gratitude in the forms of nutrition, cleansing and emotional affinity.)  Next month I will do a complete blood palette analysis and will share the stats with you then.  Blessings and thank you so much for your support and care!  Val Jon

October, 2018: Happy Halloween everyone!  This month has been extraordinary for me.  I have not felt this good in a very long time.  My energy level is high and I am fully back to work and play on a daily basis.  My pH is stable at between 7.5 and 8.0, (perfect for eliminating cancer cells from the body).  I will have my blood work done again in two weeks but I have a feeling my cancer antigens will be down further than my last check.  Life is good and I’m in deep gratitude to be able to share these positive results with you all.  Blessings abound – Val Jon

November, 2018 – Hello to all my friends and experiment followers!  Another stellar month has blessed me and I am doing really well with my well-being practices.  I’m staying true to my vegan diet as well as working with the cleansings six days per week.  I’ve not felt this good in years honestly and I am a firm believer in all the steps I list in my online document.  My bloodwork was “0.004ng/ml” of cancer antigens, so I am still in full remission!  My pH remains alkaline at between 7.30 and 7.75 which is also very good news as cancer has a very hard time surviving in this range.  I will get a complete blood panel next month and share all the results with you.  My best to you and be well.  Val Jon .

December, 2018 – Happy New Year to all of you!  This has been a memorable year for me (as I’m sure it has been for you as well).  It’s been a huge challenge starting 2018 off with learning that I had full-on Cancer.  I have to say however that I was, and still am in deep gratitude for my life and for the opportunity to care for myself like I never have before.  I learned that no matter how devastating life can be there is always the choice to remain appreciative for life and in gratitude for every breath.  I also strongly believe that maintaining a realistically positive attitude is essential in order to bring our body back into optimal health.  If we are not our own best friend and inspirational lighthouse, there is nothing within us to hold that intention . . . and especially if our health is compromised, being positive is essential!  Who or what else is going to hold the light if it isn’t us? 

So now for my December report . . . I continue to be in total remission and my pH is holding steady at 7.5 which is perfect for eliminating cancer.  I have abundant energy and am fully engaged in my daily life.  I spent 7 months straight during this year’s “experiment” overseeing the construction of our Retreat Center’s 3rd floor here in beautiful San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.  I am staying true to my 3-point well-being practice and I’m probably in better health than I’ve been in many years.  In mid-January, I’ll have a full blood pallet done and let you know the stats . . . but as far as I can tell I’m ROCKIN IT!  Blessings to you, be well in 2019 and never forget that YOU make all the difference in YOUR life!  – Val Jon

January/February 2019 – I will be leaving for a 6-week vacation mid-month so this report will be short.  I so far I remain in remission and feeling better than I have in many years.  I’m a bit concerned about going off my practice for so many weeks but I really need time away and to relax.  I return March 1st and will have my PSA blood work done again then to confirm my status.  Take care and I’ll be back!

March/April 2019 – I’ve returned from my 6-week vacation and have to say that it was extremely challenging to keep within my well-being guidelines during my travels.  There was simply no way to do my daily cleanses or maintain my high Alkaline pH readings given the food options available to me at restaurants.  (Traveling through the Yucatan and then Cuba made it impossible to maintain a strict vegan diet.)  

The unfortunate outcome of this is that my PSA cancer antigen test came back at .07ng/ml indicating that I have lost all the positive results I strived to achieve in 2018.  What this means is that I’m at risk once again and need to re-implement my strict practices in order to reduce the cancer antigens back down to negligible.  

While this is tough news, I’ll not have it deter me or bring me down.  I know what works and I will simply return to doing what works and have my antigens retested next month.  The true test of our personal resolve is when things are challenging, not when they are easy, yes?  Rather than being discouraged by this setback, I choose to be en(couraged) and will bring love, faith, gratitude and conviction into my challenging circumstances.  After all, if my body is dealing with negative conditions who else but me (and Spirit) can bring positive energy into my system to deal with it?  Thank you for your love and support, I’ll keep you posted.  – Val Jon

May, 2019 (End of My Experiment) – Today marks the completion of my year-long experiment to see if I could opt out of what I consider to be brutal and damaging conventional medical interventions for the treatment of cancer. I dedicated a year, full-time to radically changing my diet and taking on a demanding organ cleansing and spiritual intention program to evoke healing in my body via natural methods. I am so overjoyed to share with you all that my experiment was a SUCCESS! (I’ll share my results in a moment.)

I skipped reporting my progress to you in April because I wanted to give myself two full months of coming off my strict Vegan protocol and transitioning into a Vegetarian diet that is less restrictive. Because I encountered a setback in February however, I was torn about loosening my practice for fear that I would backslide even farther. (I went from 0.004 cancer antigens before my vacation back up to 0.07 when I started this experiment.)

HOWEVER, and this is crucial I believe . . . rather than allowing myself to slip into FEAR and re-engage my practice from that detrimental place, I instead chose to move forward with FAITH, which meant going in the opposite direction that my fearful mind was demanding I go! By placing my FAITH in Spirit as well as in my strong intention to turn my cancer challenge around I have managed to return to a near-normal life as well as succeed with the following empirical results:

At the start of the experiment: Cancer antigens at 0.07 ng/ml (0.10 is considered borderline dangerous)
Five months into my experiment: Cancer antigens at 0.04 ng/ml (remission in the opinion of the medical community)
After my vacation this January: Cancer antigens at 0.07 ng/ml (back up to where they were when I started!)
Today’s report for mid-May: Cancer antigens at 0.01 ng/ml (back down to remission status!)

This is a true testament to the resilience of the human spirit and to the extraordinary capabilities that reside deep within us. While I don’t think for a moment I’m out of the woods with cancer, I know to my core that I can maintain my well-being into the future and I have faith that as long as I continue to honor life and care for myself and my body’s needs I’ll be just fine.

There are two things I want to leave you with. First is to please share my practices with anyone and everyone you know who has cancer or other life-threatening illnesses. Here’s the link: http://www.travelerswithin.com/experiment/

And the second thing is that there is more to how I went about curing myself than what is posted on my experiment webpage . . .

For those of you who want to know more about the deeper spiritual practices I use in my daily life to produce these kinds of outcomes, I want to invite you to read my soon to be published book, “Travelers Within: Journeys Into Being Human and Beyond.” It’s a compilation of my life’s work as a behaviorist and life-coach, and based on the feedback from the 8 members of my book focus group, (those who helped edit the book) it is a life-changing manuscript that makes a huge contribution to its readers. If you would like to receive a pre-production copy of my book, please email at valjonfarris@gmail.com, and I’ll send you a link when it’s ready.

I want to thank each and every one of you, and I hold you in my heart always. Please let me know how you are and share with me about your life journey!

My best to you All-ways,

Val Jon Farris

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